Entrepreneur Marjorie Leblanc-Charpentier, kingpin of transmission

Marjorie Leblanc-Charpentier, kingpin of transmission

This Saturday, November 20, 80 amateur authors will rub shoulders with the pen of best-selling machines. As part of a face-to-face masterclass organized by The Artist Academy, Douglas Kennedy, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt and Bernard Werber will share, at the Openmind Kfé, in Paris, the depths of their inspiration and their writing.

Co-founder of this online video platform, launched in 2018, where famous musicians, writers, actors and photographers share their techniques, Marjorie Leblanc-Charpentier does not hide her pleasure in occasionally orchestrating physical encounters with artists. Above all, the 49-year-old entrepreneur seems intoxicated to bathe again “in the world of art”.

Actress dreams

Expressive eyes, mahogany hair and an indomitable smile, this eldest of two children has always envisioned a career as an actress. But the injunctions of her father, a former IBM executive who became an entrepreneur, got the better of her “acting dreams”, guiding her towards a preparation for HEC.

The fact remains that, after fifteen years in marketing, at Infonie, Gray Interactive (now Fullsix) and Dell, the ESLSCA graduate, then 37 years old and a mother, enrolled in the Florent course. In the process, this fan of films by Jacques Audiard, Ken Loach and Clint Eastwood leaves her consulting firm in order to set up her production company, Tancrede Films.

“I played and produced two plays, but the company was losing money, so I went back to marketing,” recounts this adrenaline-fueled adept, who calls herself “a performer, although very anxious”. This comeback in marketing is taking place at Booster Academy, a sales training center founded by Evelyne Platnic-Cohen, with whom she shares a love of theater and cinema. “Marjorie is exceptionally creative, and she evolves in the artistic world with her guts”, gauges Evelyne Platnic-Cohen, co-founder of The Artist Academy, with Sophie de Parseval and Marjorie Leblanc-Charpentier.

Certifying training

Which explains that this platform, until then dedicated to individuals “who all have buried artistic desires” comes from launch a BtoB offer. “The Accor group offered its employees our photography masterclass, with Studio Harcourt”, specifies the one who has just put in a box the testimony of former star dancer Aurélie Dupont. A masterclass dedicated to dance which complements videos devoted to music (with Michel Jonasz, Gautier Capuçon, Manu Katché and Gims), to acting (with Michèle Laroque, François Berléand and Patrick Bruel), to photography ( with Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Reza and Harcourt) or even in creation (with Chantal Thomass and Richard Orlinski).

“These are online courses to create the trigger”, she says, assuring that “contact with the greatest builds confidence and saves time. »While around twenty masterclasses are already available and the company is 30% of its turnover abroad (in French-speaking countries and “wherever there are French expatriates wishing to realize their artistic dreams”, she says), The Artist Academy develops certifying offers, which can be financed with the personal training account (CPF), on the handwriting, photo and acting.

Telecommuting in Brazil

Despite these protean projects, the native of Rouen, who practiced sailing “from an early age, with a sailor father” is trying to organize her professional life in relation to another of her passions, kitesurfing. Thus, since last summer, Marjorie Leblanc-Charpentier, who also practices yoga, mogul skiing, and who has participated in two Raid Amazones competitions, has been experimenting with remote work… from Brazil. “From 5 am to 2 pm, I’m in the same time zone as my colleagues. Then I’ll kite, ”she smiles. And the entrepreneur to wait for the day when she will have “a magic wand allowing her to become an actress”.

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