Infotech Martine Rothblatt, the transgender eco-geek entrepreneur

Martine Rothblatt, the transgender eco-geek entrepreneur

She could be as legendary as Elon Musk, but has always preferred to keep a low profile, without bragging about her accomplishments. Martine Rothblatt did not respond to our requests. His personality and his successes are however so inspiring that we considered it useful to dedicate a portrait to him, based on his rare interviews with the American press. Simply because her life course is at the forefront of science, but also of all societal trends, and that with her, it’s already 2049!

The story begins in 1954, with the birth of Martin Rothblatt, a little Jewish boy from a Hispanic neighborhood in the suburbs of San Diego (California), where his father, Harold, works as a dentist and his mother, Rosa, as a speech therapist. Become a gifted young man but not particularly at ease at school, he especially likes to read the biographies of inventors like Thomas Edison or George Westinghouse. After two years on the benches of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), he left college without a degree and preferred to play globetrotters. Martin Rothblatt hangs out on the coast of Kenya, teaches English in Iran and travels across Europe with his backpack. Settled for a time in the Seychelles, he played the electric piano in tourist hotels. Until that decisive day in 1974, when a comrade took him on a hike on Morne Seychellois, the highest peak on the island of Mahé, to visit a NASA satellite control station.

Fascinated, the young man dreams from then on

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