Auto Maserati announces its return to the GT competition

Maserati announces its return to the GT competition

Maserati has announced its return to the GT Championship with its supercar, the MC20 GT2, after testing it for the first time at the Varano dei Melegari circuit.

The company indicated in a statement that the test in the circuit located in Parma is the first step in a series of activities that precede the official unveiling of the car at the end of next June, during the brand’s participation in the Spa 24 Hours race that will be held in Belgium.

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Maserati confirmed its readiness to revive its memories, which include its brilliance in the GT championships, with a new car designed specifically to restore the glories of the amazing MC12 that preceded it.

She stated that the brand has a long history full of victories in motor racing for nearly a century, which forms part of its unique and distinctive identity, and its strong passion that it aspires to revive based on its long-standing heritage and future aspirations in which motorsport is an essential part.

And she indicated that the “Maserati GT2” embodies the finest levels of speed, elegance, appearance and innovation, and was specially designed to provide exceptional and amazing performance on the track, and to celebrate the return of “Maserati” to the racetracks.

She pointed out that the “Maserati GT2” was created and designed in cooperation with the “Maserati Style” center to ensure that it meets the aesthetic quality standards that are unique to the brand. The same engine used in the Maserati MC20.

She stated that the list of the most prominent technical specifications of the car includes the all-new patented “Maserati” dual combustion technology, which is inspired by the “Formula 1” cars; the lightweight carbon fiber monocoque, which is the perfect solution to improve the dry weight-to-strength ratio; The bodyshell is composed entirely of lightweight panels, where aerodynamics have been optimized to optimize vertical loads while ensuring optimum hauling efficiency.

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