Entrepreneur Medtech: BHealthCare robotises blood sampling

Medtech: BHealthCare robotises blood sampling

The blood test is one of the medical procedures that will not escape robotization. Nantes society BHealthCare, which raised an additional 1.5 million euros this summer, intends to be among the first to market, from 2022, its automated systems to analysis laboratories.

The device, called Heiva (Health Equipment for Initiative Venous Access), protected by several patents, automates the entire process, starting with the collection and validation of patient information. “Then the arm is comfortably installed, then an imaging system detects by mapping the ideal puncture point, even on complex patients, difficult to collect visually or by palpation ”, Explain Aliaume Breteau-Hascoët, biomedical engineer from ECE Paris, who co-founded BHealthCare with Jean-Baptiste de Chaisemartin. It is then robotics which carries out the insertion of the needle and the piloting of the tubes. This standardized management is “Extremely comfortable for the patient, because we no longer prick where we can, but in the best place for the patient”, assures Aliaume Breteau-Hascoët, speaking of“Reliable peripheral vascular access”.

Safety is also a fundamental dimension because the automatic device recaps the needle and thus eliminates the risk of accident of exposure to blood incurred by the laboratory technician.

American and Chinese rivals

The capital increase was concluded with heads of national and international laboratories and renowned medtech investors, says Aliaume Breteau-Hascoët, without naming them. The operation brings the total funds collected by the company to 4.3 million euros, supported by the Centrale-Audencia-Ensa incubator and by Atlanpole, which has benefited since its creation from Bpifrance’s future investment program and French Tech Seed, as well as 1.1 million from the European Feder fund.

The new contribution should enable it to initiate clinical trials in order to obtain CE marking within 18 or 24 months before starting marketing. The company, which plans to double its workforce to 30 employees in the coming months, is not alone on these new picking robots. Its American and Chinese rivals being a priori at the same stage of progress, the race is on to capture a global market estimated at 25 million daily withdrawals.


Creation date : 2016

Founders: Aliaume Breteau-Hascoët and Jean-Baptiste de Chaisemartin

Amount : 1.5 million euros

Effective : 15 people

Sector: Medtech

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