Auto Mercedes-Benz S … a modern benchmark for innovation, comfort and safety

Mercedes-Benz S … a modern benchmark for innovation, comfort and safety

Steve Brown: We got a tremendous response locally and internationally

Vehicles for many generations have been the ultimate expression of automotive luxury

«Al Mulla Automobile», one of the Al Mulla Group companies, and the authorized distributor of «Mercedes-Benz» in Kuwait, launched the all-new Mercedes-Benz S.

In consideration of the current circumstances, the company used a unique way to organize the event and display the features of this iconic car in light of the relentless efforts to fight the outbreak of Corona.

Mercedes-Benz welcomed its guests, taking into account all preventive measures, while adhering to health conditions, to provide them with a safe opportunity to try this distinguished car and get to know its specifications and characteristics closely.

“The new S-Class has received tremendous response at the global level and with our customers locally,” said Steve Brown, General Manager of «Al Mulla Automobiles – Mercedes-Benz Kuwait».

He added that the new Mercedes-Benz S comes to complement the march and achievements of its predecessors, which for many generations have represented the ultimate expression of automotive luxury.

He continued that with the all-new “S” class, “Mercedes-Benz” presented a new standard of innovation, comfort and safety, high levels of luxury and the latest technology.

Engineering experience

The «S-Class» reflects the name «Mercedes-Benz» through its long-standing engineering experience, which sets the standards of luxury in the automotive world.

The new “S-Class” provides an exceptional pleasure for all senses, and offers many innovations in driver assistance systems, protecting passengers and improving the level of interaction with them.

Mercedes-Benz sets the standards for next-generation cars through innovations that focus on passengers. The new S-Class includes the latest digital innovations that proactively meet the requirements of the driver and passengers.

The “S-Class” is the world’s best-selling luxury sedan, offering its customers the latest innovations and the highest levels of safety, comfort and luxury never before seen in the next generation.

And elevates the «S-Class» modern luxury to a new level inside the cabin, as designers created an atmosphere of interior comfort and give the car an imprint of elegance, superior quality and refined style.

A distinctive feature is the instrument panel with its new and contemporary architecture and high-performance screen array.

The “S-Class” cares about the well-being of its passengers by enhancing the quality of the driving and reducing the noise level inside, in addition to a wide range of programs for the “ENERGIZING Comfort” system.

The car maintains the health of the occupants thanks to the new, efficient air purification system ENERGIZING AIR «CONTROL».

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class has succeeded in providing many innovations to offer everyone who drives an exceptional experience thanks to its smart technologies.

The digital systems in the MBUX multimedia system have been developed to include new features that enhance driving pleasure and safety levels, such as the steering system on the rear axle with a large steering angle, and innovative safety systems such as the rear airbag.

“Mercedes-Benz” added a new function to the “PRE-SAFE Impulse Side” system, which raises the car’s body from both sides just before a side collision, thanks to the E-ACTIVE Body Control active suspension.

Driving assistance systems represent an important step towards autonomous driving after it witnessed a big leap, as thanks to advanced technologies to detect the surroundings of the car, the parking systems made it easier for the driver during maneuvering at low speeds, while clarity reached its highest levels thanks to the integration of these systems with the multimedia system «MBUX» .

Numbers last a thousand words

The cornering cycle is reduced by 1.9 m via the steering system on the rear axle compared to the model without this system.

The steering angle at the rear axle reaches 10 degrees, while the “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant system is now available in 27 languages ​​with human language understanding.

The advanced four-dimensional “Burmester” surround sound system includes 30 speakers and 8 auxiliary speakers.

10 massage programs

The screen size on the windshield with augmented reality technology is equal to that of a 77-inch diagonal screen. The S-Class is one of the best aerodynamic cars in the world.

The drag coefficient of the car is only 0.22, which is lower than the coefficient of previous cars, despite the larger front section area of ​​200 square centimeters.

The accuracy of the digital lights «DIGITAL LIGHT» in each car exceeds 2.6 million pixels, while the computing power of the multimedia system «MBUX» increased by 50 percent compared to the previous generation, so that the data transfer rate of the memory is 41,790 megabytes per second.

In the event of an imminent side collision risk, the “E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL” suspension, which comes as an optional equipment, raises the car’s body in fractions of a second by up to 8 centimeters, a new feature added to the “PRE-SAFE Impulse Side” system.

The THERMOTRONIC system has 17 progressive engines that control the temperature and air distribution, and it includes 4 zones in the rear (it comes as an option) and 20 progressive motors that control the air vents.

And in the active ambience lighting system, which comes as an optional equipment, there are about 250 “LED” lights stacked at a distance of 1.6 cm inside the car. The size of the new central “OLED” screen (239.06 mm x 218.8 mm), with a diagonal of 12.8 inches, the screen area is 64 percent larger than the screen of the previous model, while the size of the driver screen is (291.6 mm x 109.4 mm), and it is It measures 12.3 inches diagonal.

The cylindrical design of the innovative rear airbag is about 16 liters, while the total volume of the airbag after opening is 70 liters.

In the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL system, the controllers analyze the driving position 1,000 times per second and adjust the suspension accordingly.

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