Entrepreneur Mimipioupiou invents the reusable pacifier for babies

Mimipioupiou invents the reusable pacifier for babies

It is the exercise of fatherhood that germinated the idea in the head of Gregory Bonnin. The father of three children finds that baby pacifiers wear out very quickly and, difficult to clean, must be changed at regular intervals. “I had a revelation: what if we could only change the nipple, without having to buy the whole pacifier every two weeks? “

Florist at the head of two shops in Mâcon, in Saône-et-Loire, he embarked on the creation of an interchangeable breast shield system, an innovative concept that he patented in 2016. Convinced of the potential on a French market where 100 million lollipops are thrown away each year, he takes a 180 degree professional turn, embarking his whole family on an adventure that will take them… to Thailand, after having sold stores and house.

Around thirty points of sale

“I looked for an industrialist in France capable of designing and producing the system, but the costs were too high. In Thailand, I found a well-known manufacturer of childcare equipment and we spent three years to develop together a secure pacifier. »Back in France, he markets his product in early 2021 under the Mimipioupiou brand.

Intended for children from zero to three years old, it consists of a unique base and silicone nipples that can be attached with a key, detachable and cleanable, including in the dishwasher. After having tested the potential in pharmacies, Grégory Bonnin begins to see his pacifiers “ecological, hygienic and comfortable for babies” distributed in childcare stores, with a thirty points of sale between Dijon and Marseille.

Former florist, Grégory Bonnin embarked on the Mimipioupiou adventure with the support of four investors.

Alone at the helm, the forty-one-year-old former florist, who received the support of four investors, is already focusing on other ranges of “sustainable and eco-responsible products” for children, by working on a French manufacture.

And he plans to recruit a person to support him in the marketing and development of the brand, with the ambition to be present throughout France within a few months, then in Europe in a second phase.

The invention

Creation date : 2021
Founder: Gregory Bonnin
Effective : 1 person
Sector: Childcare

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