Top Stories Minister of Endowments: Houthi militia blew up nearly 750 mosques and proved to be a tool in Iran’s hands (dialogue)

Minister of Endowments: Houthi militia blew up nearly 750 mosques and proved to be a tool in Iran’s hands (dialogue)

The Yemeni government has condemned the publication of cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace

The appearance of the Iranian representative in Sana’a proved that he is the de facto ruler and engine of the Houthi militia.

The Houthis have proven that they are tools in the hand of the Wali al-Faqih

We warned against taking advantage of the situation to loot endowment properties in Houthi-controlled areas

The funds and property of the endowment will return with the return of the state

The Minister of Endowments and Guidance, Dr. Ahmed Attia, considered the recent appearance of the Iranian representative in Sanaa in the middle of Al-Sabeen Square as a confirmation that he is the actual ruler of the militias, and at the same time he showed that the Houthis lie and that they are nothing but tools in the hand of the guardian jurist.

The Minister of Endowments and Guidance said in an interview with Al-Sahwa Net, that there is a societal awareness revolution that has begun to emerge in front of all Houthi crimes, whether related to religion, people, land, history or fundamentals, stressing that the battle of the Yemenis with the Houthi militia is a battle of consciousness, pointing out that the battle It will continue even if the Houthi movement is eliminated militarily, as the battle with the Houthi ideology is continuing and needs great effort and institutional work.

The Minister of Endowments urged the Yemenis to exert more effort by exposing this Imami project, and using all means to confront the idea with the idea, which is the duty of the state and the duty of society as well, and the Minister of Endowments touched on the Yemeni government’s steadfast position and refusal to offend the noble Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace.

To the details of the dialogue:

Interviewed by: Saleh Al-Surimi

We start with the repercussions of the insulting graffiti of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace. What is the position of the Yemeni government towards these abuses?

– The Yemeni government has condemned the continued publication of cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and considers insulting the Prophet of Islam to be an offense to the feelings of all Muslims .. In addition to our call in the government to the international community to criminalize offending religious symbols and beliefs, and to perpetuate the values ​​of tolerance and peace in the world, and we warned From the continuation of this persistence as it nourishes hatred and creates an anomalous environment for extremism and terrorism, and we considered that freedom of opinion is governed by rational and ethical controls based on respect for the other, their beliefs and their sanctities, and no offense to the religious symbols of the other can be justified under the pretext of freedom of expression.

Violent reactions appeared to the insulting of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace. How do you view such responses?

– Unfortunately, this is the result of ignorance and excessive jealousy, or of extremism in education and uncontrolled enthusiasm, or of reverse shipping, which wants to fuel the feelings of Muslims and bring them to death under the pretext of terrorism, and this is what we warned and warn about.

Supporting the Messenger is by adhering to his morals and following his example, so the Prophet did not harm anyone because he insulted him and offended him. Here, we confirm that the scholars saw the peaceful expression and peaceful protest of the economic boycott, as a refined expression of Muslims’ resentment for this act, which violates the concepts of coexistence that the world seeks to perpetuate.

The French president appeared recently to say that Muslims understood him wrong and that he did not intend to support the offense to the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace. What prompted him to say this after his appearance attacking Muslims and their beliefs?

– Reactions in the Islamic world, commercial boycott, and solidarity. All this was a peaceful means of pressure to make the French President retract his convulsive and violent speech. He is also expected to retreat in front of his people, to reinforce the principles of coexistence in the French society in which there is a Muslim minority, and to impose the application of regulations that are equal to all groups of his society.

What are the means that Muslims can take to stop this abuse?

– It is difficult to stop the abuses and reunify people in all their countries, especially the ones whose law does not criminalize offending belief and religious sanctities, but what angered people is the adoption of offensive actions on the official and cultural level, and turning hostility to Islam into an electoral program, for example, because this is a violation of the values ​​of coexistence. Which is guaranteed by international laws, and an explicit call to adopt the language of rhetoric and hatred .. And our duty as Muslims is to introduce Islam, its symbols and beliefs. Most of these people do not know about Islam except what is run in the media and what is branded with terrorism and extremism, so the duty is to convey the message of peace, love and mercy that it brought. Islam first, then addressing the international community to enact laws to criminalize insulting beliefs … Then using all means of technology in the correct definition of Islam, in addition to the peaceful expression of these cartoons of denouncing, boycotting and others.

At the local level, the Houthis insult the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, how can these abuses be confronted?

– There is a societal awareness revolution that has begun to emerge in front of all Houthi crimes, whether related to religion, people, land, history, or fundamentals … Our battle with the Houthi is a battle of awareness and weapons, and each has its own way, and even if the Houthi is eliminated militarily, we will need a great effort and work. It was foundational to eradicate this pernicious, his offense to the Messenger is one of a number of offenses … and our duty is to make more effort by exposing this frontier project, and using all means to confront the idea with the idea, and it is the duty of the state and the duty of society as well.

How do you explain the appearance of Hassan Erlo, Tehran’s ambassador to the militias, at the Houthi event in the Seventieth Square, in the way that was seen by the media?

– He appeared for what he really was as the de facto ruler of the militias, and what was under the table above it became exposed, and at the same time he showed the lies of the Houthis with their righteousness and their national project! And they are nothing but tools in the hand of the guardian of the jurist, and it is a message that requires us to hasten to liberate what is left of Yemen, and to save the citizens there from this injustice, enslavement and systematic intellectual deviation that uses the machine of the state that it seizes by force and its authority to impose this intruding Iranian project on the Yemenis. The duty is to restore Yemen To his Arab embrace, after he turned into an Iranian state … Sanaa has become Iranian ruled, and the cover has been revealed to the Houthi deceptive papers; Whoever fights us is Iran, and whoever kills, destroys, violates and besieges it is Iran. Whoever sends missiles and drones is Iran .. This is our true enemy.

What are the measures taken by the government to stop such fun?

The government addressed the United Nations and clarified its objection to this farce, and how Iran has become publicly supporting terrorist groups bypassing diplomatic norms and agreements regarding ambassadors .. The truth, as I said, is that measures must be in the field because we are facing a group that is subject to a state that has regional and international agendas, and has colonial ambitions, They must be severed by force, because they do not recognize peace despite all the concessions made by the government to control the mind and create opportunities for peace in most of the agreements that the Houthi did not abide by, nor one of them.

From your point of view, what are the images of the Houthis’ exploitation of the Prophet’s birthday?

– Exploitation of the same birth, which did not prove a single evidence of its occurrence … the Houthis are exploiting it politically to show their popularity in front of Iran, as well as recruitment and mobilization of the fronts, and financial inflation by imposing royalties and fees on institutions, merchants and citizens.

How can this problem be reduced! Is it possible for the citizens to keep the names of those who forced them to pay large sums of money and looted them to be tried in the future?

– Al-Houthi uses his repressive power to force people, and therefore they pay money under the factor of force and oppression, as he does not even care about killing in front of a thousand riyals that he did not pay. People are aware of the illegality and legality of this money, but they are forced to pay it. Yes, everything can be kept and they will be held accountable later when the state returns. Rights are not subject to statute of limitations.

The Houthis are carrying out the process of intellectual bulldozing What is the role that the Ministry of Endowments plays in this aspect?

– We do what we can according to what is available, by training preachers and guides to expose the imamate project, guide people to moderate discourse, and reinforce republican national loyalty, as well as make Friday determinants for preachers and send them to them, in addition to printing summer curricula in this regard, and supervising the centers and role of the Qur’an And advocacy, educational and legal associations and institutions, and partnership with moral guidance in the process of informing awareness of the armed and security forces, in order to preserve our generations from intellectual deviation and create a generation capable of confronting the imamate project and all the projects of extremism and terrorism.

Citizens’ reluctance to perform Friday prayers in areas under Houthi control, what prompted citizens to do so?

– Houthi use of the platform politically, turning it into a focus for training and military mobilization, provoking the feelings of worshipers because of the Companions and stabbing the mothers of the believers, and distorting the interpretation of the Qur’an in a way that serves the goals of the Houthi militia.

Does the ministry have statistics on the number of mosques blown up by the Houthis?

Since its coup against Yemen in late 2014 until late 2019, it has targeted nearly 750 mosques across all governorates, varying between total bombing, heavy weaponry, and looting of all their contents and transforming them into weapons stores and premises for the use of khat, including 79 mosques and schools for memorizing the Holy Quran.

The Houthis tamper with the endowments. Does the ministry have a statistic about the looted endowment funds?

Tampering continues by this militia group, and the bulldozing of endowments continues, and thus it is difficult to count all the looted items, but we receive complaints and we have some statistics, and we have what we can with which we can detect the looters if the state returns to the capital, Sana’a and stabilizes it.

Will what the Houthis steal from the endowment funds be returned in the future, and how will that be?

Yes, the state will return, and anyone who violates or disposes of an endowment will be prosecuted.

Did the ministry warn citizens against harmony with the Houthis in plundering the lands and properties of the endowment and that this would expose them to accountability in the future?

Yes. And we issued two decisions in this regard, and we considered every action a null and void judgment, and promised to prosecute the buyer and seller alike.

With regard to Umrah and Hajj is there anything new?

It is too early to talk about them, in light of the precautionary measures and the subsequent loosening of some restrictions, hoping that the total opening will take place in January, and the accompanying developments and controls that we will deal with with the will of God and his help according to the cumulative experience of our staff in dealing with all the conditions and in full coordination with the brothers In the Kingdom, and we ask God to remove this epidemic from all of humanity.


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