Top Stories Minister of Oil: Shabwa Governorate is safe and encouraging for the return of work by foreign oil companies

Minister of Oil: Shabwa Governorate is safe and encouraging for the return of work by foreign oil companies

The Minister of Oil and Minerals, Engineer Awas Al-Oud, affirmed that Shabwa governorate is living in safe and encouraging conditions for the return and resumption of work of foreign companies in the oil sectors, and he also stressed the importance of opening coordination offices for companies in Shabwa to facilitate their work in its investment sectors.

This came during his meeting in Shabwa today with the president and members of the administrative body of the Association of Oil College Graduates from Shabwa Sons, in the presence of the Director General of the Ministry of Oil Office in Shabwah Saeed Al-Marnoum.

During the meeting, a number of issues related to the association’s activities and the demands of its members for employment and training in the oil sectors were discussed, and the possibility of providing them with scientific qualification opportunities.

Minister Aws Al-Oud stressed that the absorption of graduates depends on the resumption of the work of oil companies in the investment sectors in Shabwa and other other governorates, noting the promising professional and scientific future for graduates.

The Minister of Oil directed the ministry’s office in the governorate to make scheduling of field training programs for graduates in the oil sectors in Shabwa.

He called on the graduates to join the Oil Institute in Shabwah upon completion of its construction work, noting its role in refining their knowledge and professional capabilities and qualifying them to work in companies.

For his part, the president of the association, Muhammad Fanash, and the general secretary of the association Yusef Al-Marzaki handed over the statements of the graduates from Shabwa, who number about one hundred and seventy graduates in the fields of oil and gas, geology and oil economics, to consider their conditions and meet their demands for employment and scientific qualification according to the available capabilities.


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