Top Stories Monitored 150 death sentences … Sam calls for pressure on the Houthi militia to stop using the judiciary to abuse opponents

Monitored 150 death sentences … Sam calls for pressure on the Houthi militia to stop using the judiciary to abuse opponents

Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms said that it had monitored nearly 150 death sentences issued by the Houthi coup militia against its opponents or violators, in exploiting the judiciary against the opponents.

They include some followers of the Baha’i community who were forcibly deported through the mediation of the United Nations.

The report, entitled “Execution in Discretion,” revealed the violations of opponents of the Houthi militia and how some illegal courts used to issue judicial rulings against their opponents to the extent of issuing death sentences and confiscating money, in trials that lacked the most basic legal standards for a fair trial.

“Sam” said that she tracked the rulings issued by the exceptional courts of the Houthi group in the capital, Sana’a, during different periods. It allocated nearly 150 death sentences in discretion against their opponents, or their violators, including some followers of the Baha’i sect who were forcibly deported through the mediation of the United Nations.

According to the report, the organization conducted many interviews, amounting to fifty, with relatives of (arbitrarily detained) victims, lawyers and human rights activists, and the organization was keen to attend its monitors in the sessions of some of the trials that were held in public, and to see closely the progress of the trials.

Sam pointed out that the trials that the Houthi militia hold against political opponents are in their entirety “show trials.” Ordinary, including Asma Al-Omeisi, whom the Houthis accused of terrorism, deprived her of all her legal rights, and sentenced her to death.

All the convicts faced one charge, which is aiding what the militias call “aggression” and high treason. Parliamentarians are among the first victims of death sentences in discretion, then politicians, on top of whom is President “Abd Rabbo Mansour”, who was sentenced to three death sentences in discretion, and the military, and journalists, with (4) Journalists and other civilians.

“SAM” organization also monitored many violations of citizens’ right to a fair and impartial trial, including “Muhammad Hajar”, who was sentenced to death by a court subject to the Houthi authorities after he was arrested and hidden in national security prisons and tortured due to the coalition targeting his farm that he was using. The Houthis fired missiles at Saudi Arabia and accused him of association with people in Saudi Arabia.

“Sam” also recorded the complaints of a number of lawyers defending the victims before courts under the control of the Houthi militia that they were subjected to harassment, threats, media mobilization and incitement by the judges of the courts before which they defend their clients, members of the public prosecution, or the media affiliated with the Houthi militia.

“Sam” concluded in its report that many of the defendants denied the charges against them, as a number of them indicated that their confessions were extracted under torture, and that they were subjected to ill-treatment and torture in various detention centers, including the Political Security Service, police departments and the Criminal Investigation Office in Sana’a.

SAM called on the Houthi militia to immediately stop the practice of arbitrary arrest and detention, enforced disappearance, and the use of torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment.

It also called on the international community to put pressure on the Houthi militia to stop unfair trials against civil activists, politicians, journalists and minorities, and to cancel the sentences issued against opponents of the Houthi militia.


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