Auto “Monjaro” is the most advanced… from “Geely”

“Monjaro” is the most advanced… from “Geely”

Hamad Al-Anjari: The launch of the model inaugurates a new and bold phase in the brand’s journey in Kuwait
The vehicle combines the latest technology, advanced design, safety and entertainment features for a unique experience
– A durable vehicle built with passion to tackle all types of terrain, whether on or off-road
– A new signpost in the march of high-quality and technologically advanced Chinese cars

Ali Al-Ghanim and Sons Automotive Company, the exclusive distributor of Geely Auto in Kuwait, launched the all-new Geely Mongaro SUV, which combines craftsmanship with design and advanced technology, and is the most advanced vehicle offered by the car manufacturer to date.

General Manager of Geely Kuwait, Hamad Al-Anjari, said that the launch of the all-new Mongaro inaugurates a new and bold stage in the brand’s journey in Kuwait, expressing his happiness to present this world-class SUV, which combines the latest technologies, advanced design and features Safety and entertainment, to provide a unique experience on the roads of Kuwait.

He added that the Mongaro is a bold and durable car that was designed with passion and is suitable for facing all kinds of terrain in Kuwait, whether on paved roads or off-road, noting that its launch constitutes a new milestone in the march of high-quality and technologically advanced Chinese cars in Kuwait and the region.

He stated that Geely Mongaro is an innovative car in terms of design and technological development, a feature that will be available in the brand’s future models that will be launched on the market.

advanced engineering

The Geely Mongaro is based on an advanced composite engineering chassis, with a wheel spacing of 1610 mm and a wheelbase length of 2845 mm, and it is equipped with industry-leading features such as the Highway Driving Assistance System that monitors its surroundings, independently changes lanes and 4 cameras Availability of a 540-degree peripheral vision, including visibility through the body and moving front and rear LED lights.

The car was equipped with a powerful and efficient 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with a capacity of 2 liters, which produces 235 horsepower and torque of 350 Nm, and is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The car is characterized by a wide panoramic sunroof and comfortable seats. The luxurious and spacious interior is equipped with multifunctional electric seats, fully equipped with the possibility of cooling, as well as “BOSE” global system speakers, and soft, environmentally friendly and odorless leather, which gives it the character of luxury and high quality.

The most prominent feature of the interior design is the special crystalline turquoise color, which combines tradition and nature, and is inspired by the greenery of the mountains, blending the color of traditional ceramics and natural emerald, at a time that includes a delicate blend of classic and contemporary aesthetic elements, as well as eastern and western elements, such as classic knots that enhance the character of the interior. Luxury that attracts the finest customers in Kuwait.

In the cabin of Geely Mongaro, the seamless blend of advanced technologies, including the panoramic and integrated cockpit, which includes 3 screens, provides a luxurious and visually immersive environment and a distinctive driving experience for both the driver and passengers. Exceptional performance Geely Mongaro drivers can enjoy enhanced off-road performance thanks to the sixth generation BorgWarner all-wheel drive system, which distributes torque between front and rear in a ratio of 50:50, while the driver can switch between 6 driving modes to suit with his needs.

The Geely Mongaro is equipped with a 2.0TD engine co-developed by Volvo and Geely and an 8-speed automatic transmission from Aisin. And a torque of 350 Nm is able to accelerate from zero to 100 km per hour in 7.7 seconds.

The suite of advanced sensors includes the Highway Driving Assistance System that monitors the surroundings of the Monjaro and keeps a safe distance from large vehicles when needed, while the vehicle offers smart safety features, making it a responsive partner for driving around the vast highways of Kuwait.

Other world-class safety features available in the Geely Mongaro include Blind Spot Warning and Forward Collision Warning, Emergency Braking System, Anti-lock Brakes, and ISOFIX Child Seats, while the vehicle features a 540-degree transparent body, which helps detect Bumpers under the body to give the driver more confidence during challenging driving conditions.

The cabin of the all-new Geely Mongaro includes a high-performance 10-speaker BOSE audio system, which, combined with engine noise reduction technology and dual-layer soundproofing, allows passengers to feel like they’re in a concert hall.

The interior illumination has been enhanced by the adjustable ambient lighting that changes according to the driving mode, enhancing the driving and navigating pleasure of the all-new Geely Mongaro.

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