Infotech More and more rare and expensive: why paper is at the end of the roll

More and more rare and expensive: why paper is at the end of the roll

“Women, ministers and feminists”, the essay by ministers Elisabeth Moreno and Agnès
Pannier-Runacher, was to be released as part of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. It only reached booksellers in mid-April… two months late. The cause ? Point d’Orgue, the small publishing house created by LREM to support the re-election of the president, had a terrible time finding paper to print it. She is not the only one: for the past year, book publishers and press bosses have all been chasing a paper that has become rare and expensive. This puts a strain on their budget, forces them to readjust their editorial strategy, plan price increases… and threatens the very existence of the most vulnerable.

“In thirty years in the business, I have never seen this”, exclaims Sylvaine Cortada, responsible for the production and distribution of Prisma Media (“Geo”, “Capital”, “Here”, “Gala”, “Télé-Loisirs”…), a Vivendi satellite. The paper-cardboard market is indeed undergoing what the Anglo-Saxons call “a perfect storm”. End of the pandemic, transformation of the paper industry, logistical chaos, strikes, inflation of raw materials, war in Ukraine: a multiplicity of structural and economic factors combine to create a crisis, the end of which no one can predict.

The factory of the Condat papermaker, in Périgord, in full industrial transformation. (CONDATE)

To better decipher this chaos, head to Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare, a small village in the Périgord noir, headquarters of the papermaker Cond

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