Sports MS Dhoni’s gift to his young fans has won over the internet

MS Dhoni’s gift to his young fans has won over the internet

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Chandigarh, October 11

MS Dhoni’s sensational knock of 18 not out off six balls confirming Chennai Super Kings’ place in the IPL 2021 final has sent fans into a tizzy. Fans and supporters are celebrating on social media. Even India and RCB captain praised the genius on Twitter. Countless tweets and memes have taken over twitter.

On Sunday, when it seemed the CSK skipper was having a difficult time with the bat, Dhoni got on strike and performed like a leader to bring victory to his team.

Emotions ran high as fans rejoiced the CSK special win. Amidst all the action, two young fans were caught on camera unable to hold their tears back after the spectacular victory. Dhoni noticed the clip and did something special to make their day special. The CSK captain decided to gift them a signed ball.

Dhoni threw the signed ball to them and the video of this memorable gesture is being widely circulated on social media. Watch the video:

The fans can’t get enough of the former Indian captain and call him ‘a legend’.

A user tweeted, “The greatest he was, The greatest he is, The Greatest he will ever be Hammer and pick. The man – THE LEGEND Lion faceSmiling face with sunglasses!!”

Another commented, “Dhoni is not just a name & he is not just a Cricketer. A emotion of Billions @msdhoni.”

Two videos, one of his spectacular win and the other showing Dhoni’s loving gesture towards his young fans, have been the social media moments of the day.

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