Auto Mubarak Al-Sayer: “Lexus” opens new channels to empower ambitious youth locally

Mubarak Al-Sayer: “Lexus” opens new channels to empower ambitious youth locally

Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons Est. hosted the famous Kuwaiti artist, Reem Al-Badr, at the “L-Finesse” art exhibition, to display her most important and wonderful collection, in the presence of the Ambassador of Japan to Kuwait, Moreno Yasunari, and Member of the Board of Directors of “Al-Sayer Holding” Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer, and Chief Operating Officer Bengt Schultz, Lexus Senior Business Manager Mahmoud Abu Zahr, Bodour Al-Sayer, Marketing Director at Lexus Kuwait, members of senior management, and a group of brand customers.

Al-Badr is a Kuwaiti artist and creator who grew up in an environment that truly cherishes art, which is clearly reflected in her work, as her brushes depict the beauty of cultures in a way that transcends reality, and she also uses drawing for expression and teaching by linking feelings with colors. She began her artistic journey at the Institute of Fine Arts in Kuwait She participated in many exhibitions with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, and was one of the founders of the local brand «Fan».

  Bradbury handing over the car keys

Mubarak Al-Sayer expressed Lexus’ happiness to open new channels to empower exceptional talents in Kuwait, and take advantage of them to raise their potential to new horizons, pointing out that it will continue its endeavors to communicate with young and ambitious individuals with distinguished skills, to cooperate with the brand, which aims to be more than just a brand. A leading brand of luxury cars, and to inspire generations with an innovative lifestyle.

For his part, Mahmoud Abu Zahr said, “We are excited to host the artist, Reem Al-Badr, in the Lexus L-Finesse boutique, to display her exceptional artwork. As the leading luxury brand in the region, (Lexus) has an uncompromising philosophy when it comes to design. Shape, appearance, hospitality, etc. Bold steps have been taken over the past decade to transform car designs to a whole new level to be attractive and captivating from all angles, such as his dazzling piece of art (LS 500).”

For her part, the artist, Reem Al-Badr, expressed her sincere appreciation to the Lexus brand for its inspiring efforts in the field of design and art, acknowledging her true motives for her attention to detail as well as the ancient Japanese style of hospitality, Omotenashi.

She added, “I believe that art and Lexus have more opportunities for cooperation together, and I am excited to see the reaction of customers in this unique event in which my art collection appears surrounded by (L-Finesse), which is a great option to communicate with an audience passionate about art and lifestyle, and is located in One of the newest and most important shopping destinations is the Capital Mall.

In a related context, Bodour Al-Sayer said that the most distinguished paintings will be displayed in the “L-Finesse” boutique, and will also be available for viewing online, as the exhibition will continue until January 31, 2023, so that customers during their visit will have the opportunity to view the paintings closely, and explore the world of the brand as well as craftsmanship. Japanese, in order for the brand to fulfill its commitment to “deliver an amazing experience” for its guests.

International cooperation

Internationally, Lexus collaborates with the best and most prestigious judges and mentors to nurture creatives from around the world for its Design Award, which was launched in 2013 and is an international competition for up-and-coming creatives from around the world.

The award seeks to contribute to society by supporting designers and creators whose work shows the potential to shape a better future, as 4 winners get a rare opportunity to prototype their designs under the supervision of senior designers, which provides global media exposure to advance professional careers.

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