Auto “Mulla and Behbehani” sponsored “Ram Hannibal 2023”

“Mulla and Behbehani” sponsored “Ram Hannibal 2023”

Al-Mulla & Behbehani Company, the authorized distributor of Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram and Mopar cars in Kuwait, sponsored The “Ram Hannibal 2023” race, which was recently held in Kuwait City for Motorsports.

More than 700 competitors participated in “Ram Hannibal 2023”, and it featured many challenges that sports and endurance fans love, such as running for different distances, climbing barriers of different heights, passing and overcoming barriers full of mud, fire, and other challenges that added more excitement. On the atmosphere that accompanied all the contestants, passing through all these barriers, to the finish line.

And “Ram” added more excitement through the “Ram Challenge”, as two cars of the brand were placed on ground barriers of different heights, and the contestants crossed from under them in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

The “Drag Ram and Win” competition witnessed a large turnout from the audience and participants, both men and women, who competed to try to drag the “Ram” car by means of ropes, for a specified distance in the fastest time, as the winners received valuable prizes from “Mulla and Behbehani”.

Throughout the event, the attendees were keen to take memorial photos through a “selfie box” with the participants and winners of the various competitions, at the end of which medals and prizes were distributed to the winners in different age groups.

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