Infotech Murfy, the home alternative for repairing ovens and washing machines

Murfy, the home alternative for repairing ovens and washing machines

“Repairing people, there is nothing more fulfilling for me. We each have our little battles; For me, it means limiting the production of waste. And a repaired washing machine means 60 kilos less waste: steel, plastic, cables…” Marc Blanc, 30, has found his calling: appliance repairer. Oven, dishwasher, hob: nothing can resist it. “The only problem is the refrigeratorshe tempers. That’s where we have the lowest success rate and it’s very annoying, because it’s a difficult machine to recycle. My grandmother’s, which she had bought with her first salary as a French teacher, was indestructible. But, today, to pull prices down, the quality is no longer there, the copper pipes are thinner…”

For a year and a half, Marc Blanc has been working for Murfy, a major appliance repair service founded four years ago by five young graduates from business and engineering schools, on the model of the start-up, with digitization paperwork and investment on the service.

It was during confinement that his hobby appeared to him as a possible profession. “The hotel in which I provided maintenance was shut down, so I started to repair devices that I found on Leboncoin”, says the young man, who has since had a spanner tattooed on his arm. He fixes up a washing machine, then a television, which he resells on the same site. He also attacks his toaster:

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