Top Stories Musawah Organization: Assaulting medical personnel and emergency personnel is a war crime

Musawah Organization: Assaulting medical personnel and emergency personnel is a war crime

Musawah Organization for Rights and Freedoms said, “Medical staff, facilities, health facilities, and emergency personnel are protected from direct targeting. During wars and conflicts, attacks, harassment, intimidation, and arbitrary detention are prohibited under international law.”

The organization added in a statement that the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) received a copy of it, “that Article No. (20) of the International Humanitarian Law stipulates that employees working in the management and operation of hospitals, including ambulance crews, nurses and paramedics who transport and evacuate the wounded from places of worship, must be respected and protected. Operations of a military nature, while Article No. (23) stipulates the obligation of all parties to the war to ensure the free passage of all consignments of medicine and medical supplies.

pointed The statement indicated that the Additional Protocol on Victims of International Armed Conflicts annexed to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, strengthened the mechanisms for protecting medical personnel, facilitating the transfer of wounded and injured in areas of hostilities, and stressed the need to protect them, and not to expose them to any actions that cause them harm and damage.

Musawah organization explained that the UN Security Council, in its Resolution No. (2286/2016), affirmed that attacks are deliberately directed against medical personnel, hospitals and places where the sick and wounded are collected, and anyone who bears the distinctive emblems set forth in the Geneva Conventions, including buildings, materials and units. Medical, transportation and individuals constitute war crimes..noting that the recent crimes committed by the Houthi coup militia in the city of Ma’rib, by targeting ambulances after their missile attack on a mosque and a women’s prison in the city center yesterday evening, and before that, ambulances were targeted after they bombed a gas station in Al-Rawda area last Saturday represented “explicit war crimes, inconsistent with all international laws and norms, and a flagrant violation of the principles and conventions of international humanitarian law.”


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