Life Style Must soak lentils for 6 hours before making, these problems related to digestion will go away

Must soak lentils for 6 hours before making, these problems related to digestion will go away

How To Cook Pules: Lentils are an integral part of our diet. In our country, pulses are definitely eaten in at least one meal of the day in most of the households. Lentils are a natural source of protein. The nutrition from pulses is essential for every part of the body. Even for thick hair and beautiful skin, at least one bowl of lentils must be eaten every day. But you will get the full benefit of eating lentils only if they are made in the right way. This is a matter related to your health, so definitely take care…

Correct method of making Dal

Whatever be the lentils, whether prepared with one whistle in a pressure cooker or prepared in 5 whistles, each dal must be soaked for at least 6 hours before preparing it. By doing this, the properties of lentils increase and it is easy for the body to digest them. Because despite being a treasure of many health-related properties, pulses contain some such compounds, which harm the body. By soaking them in water, their bad effect goes away.

These lentils are all soaked

Generally, whole pulses like Kabuli Chana, Chole, Desi Chana, Cowpea, Rajma and Urad are soaked a night before or 8 to 10 hours before cooking. Whereas Arhar, Moong Dal, Chana Dal, Urad Dal or Moong Dhuli Dal are taken out from the jar while preparing and washed and made immediately. Doing so can harm your digestion. Soak these pulses in water for at least 6 hours before making them. Also, soaking rajma, gram and chickpeas in water for 10 to 12 hours is good.

Benefits of soaking lentils

  • By soaking the lentils in water and then keeping the lentils to form, the compound called amylase present in the lentils gets activated. This compound breaks down the complex starches found in lentils and eases the process of their digestion.
  • Making lentils after soaking helps in increasing the absorption of minerals inside the body. Because soaking lentils activates an enzyme called phytase and this enzyme helps in improving the status of iron, calcium and zinc inside the body.
  • Some people have the problem of gas formation after eating pulses. To avoid this problem, it is also necessary to soak the lentils. Because pulses are made from legumes and oligosaccharides are found in most legumes. Oligosaccharides are a special type of sugar, which produces gas inside the body and becomes the reason for increasing bloating. The effect of this sugar is greatly reduced by making the lentils after soaking.

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