Entrepreneur Mycoach wants to take advantage of sports competitions to grow

Mycoach wants to take advantage of sports competitions to grow

This is the third stage of its rocket intended to make it the benchmark platform in the field of sports practice. Mycoach first tackled in 2011 the coaches of the amateur world with Mycoach Football, then conquered other disciplines until today equipping one in three Olympic federations in France.

Then in 2016, Mycoach Pro was released, which resulted in undeniable success, with 30% of professional clubs in France, all sports combined, now using it.

With a 25% increase in turnover, to 2.5 million euros in its last financial year, the young growth from Nice is launching Mycoach TV today, after two years of development and 2 million euros of ‘investment.

Hugo Lloris and Camille Lacourt

It is once again a question of providing practitioners, via an application, with educational tools in the sports field. A good part of the investment is spent in contracts with the champions. MyCoach TV, which starts with about fifteen sports disciplines, mobilized the gratin of French sport, from Earvin Ngapeth for volleyball to Hugo Lloris for round ball, including Camille Lacourt on the pool side. For 14.99 euros, Mr. Everybody can afford the services of a star to learn and progress in his discipline through about fifty tutorials.

“We are targeting one million downloads within a year,” suggests Cédric Messina, the founder and manager of Mycoach. The 45-year-old from Nice, who now employs around thirty people based mostly at the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice, intends to take advantage of the shooting window that opens with the Rugby World Cup in 2023 then the Paris Olympics the following year.

Facing giants like the Californian Masterclass, which raised 160 million euros and also recruited champions, it is, according to Cédric Messina, of the French “digital sovereignty”. He himself, since his beginnings, has raised nearly 10 million euros for this project to digitize sports practice. In addition to the possibility of acquiring a series of tutorials for 14.99 euros, Mycoach also offers an annual subscription at 49 euros. A partnership has been signed with “L’Equipe”, offering new registrants discounts on the daily.

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