Life Style Navratri 2020: Keeping fast for Navratri for the first time, keep these 5 things in mind

Navratri 2020: Keeping fast for Navratri for the first time, keep these 5 things in mind

The festival of Sharadiya Navratri has started on 17 October. During this festival many people fast for nine days to please Maa Durga. During this time, some people are uninhabitable and some people live on fruit. If you are fasting for the first time, then be sure to keep a few things in mind. You will not have any problem during this fast.

Do not let the body lack water

It is very important for the body to remain hydrated during fasting. If you are fasting for the first time then you will not have the habit of starving at all. So to keep yourself hydrated, keep drinking water for a while. Apart from this, keep consuming things like fruit juice, buttermilk and lassi.

Nutritious food intake

For the first time, people keeping fast do not include things like chips in their diet at all. Instead, eat nuts like almonds, makhana, walnuts and raisins. Consuming them will fill your stomach quickly and the body will also get energy immediately.

Diet plan ready

If you are thinking of fasting for the whole nine days, then prepare a diet plan first. For a long fast of nine days, it is important to take a nutritious diet. Devotees can eat things like kuttu and water chestnut flour, sago, makhana, nuts, potatoes and fruits.

Do not keep fast

You should avoid taking the resolution of anhydrous fast for the first time. You have to drink without water in a waterless fast. It can be extremely difficult for people fasting for the first time. You may feel very weak when you put it for the first time.

Eat something every two or three hours

During the fast, something must be eaten every two or three hours. If you are hungry, you can eat a bowl of salad. Apart from this, fruit juice and lemon-water can be consumed.

Health tips: eat super food makhana everyday, will get relief in these diseases including anemia

Include these things in the diet of Navratri, the immunity system will remain strong even during the Corona period


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