Entrepreneur Nawal Hadrami, the vision of the Calliopé podcast agency

Nawal Hadrami, the vision of the Calliopé podcast agency

Nawal hadrami is not the type to give in to stress. Still, for the co-founder of Calliope, a marketing and communication agency specializing in corporate podcasts, this May 12 takes on a semblance of pressure: one month before the kickoff of the Euro football, that is launched the campaign it produced for Hublot, the fine watchmaking house of the LVMH group (owner of the “Echos”), official watch of the UEFA Euro 2020.

This series of twelve episodes, of twelve minutes each, opens today with the testimony of footballer Kylian Mbappé. “Coach José Mourinho, Ballon d’Or player Ada Hegerberg and King Pelé will follow, whose podcast will end this first season on July 12, the day of the Euro final”, details the 34-year-old entrepreneur.

Mounted on springs, it rolls out with pep the projects of Calliopé (baptized in reference to the goddess of eloquence), who celebrated her second birthday last week. “To date, we create sound content for around thirty companies in all sectors, from luxury goods to health and construction… both as part of general public campaigns and internal communication operations”, indicates this boss of ten employees.

Among his clients, Dior has entrusted him with the production of more than 150 podcasts revealing his backstage. While the SNCF group asked her to keep in touch with its 50,000 employees, scattered at the time of the Covid and teleworking.

Semi-professional basketball player

“Unlike traditional channels, such as e-mail, newsletter or intranet, the vox makes it possible tohumanize the message “, assures this passionate about music, “Baby bottle at Piaf and Brel”, having no less than twelve years of music theory to his credit.

However, this child of Moroccan immigrants, both workers, took detoured paths before joining the audio. Born in Chambéry, in Savoie, this youngest of two sisters, who “Grew up in a gymnasium” because of his father’s passion for basketball, chooses sport.

Semi-professional basketball player until the age of 24, she led competitions and studies, namely a DUT in marketing techniques, a professional license and a double degree in marketing at the Paris School of Business.

No to Google

As part of her MBA, the young woman, who turned away from basketball but continues to run “Out of need to exult” spent a semester in Mexico City. Enough to inoculate him with the travel virus. Left to discover San Francisco with the intention of spending three months there, she lives there for two years, and even sets up a business there. monetizes videos posted on YouTube and supports personalities in the marketing of derivative products. “I lacked the basics, I felt the need to learn my trade in an agency. So, I returned to Paris and joined the Marquetis & Co agency ”, she remembers, a flamboyant smile and a brown gaze outlined in black. Having found her way, she declines a job offer at Google in Dublin, a decision that she still assumes today with “Zero regrets”.

Met at Marquetis & Co, Maëva Maugard, who became his partner, remembers “The energy it was already giving off at the time”. “Nawal is a driving force: she passionately loves her job, she is teeming with ideas and, when she is interested in a subject, she digs, documents herself, exchanges with experts until she has mastered all its facets”, observes the other founder of Calliopé.

After six years in an agency, with Maëva Maugard who also feeds the ambition to be an entrepreneur, Nawal Hadrami co-founded Calliopé on equity, in 2019. “For my part, I rationalize, I channel and I prioritize. While Nawal gives impetus and vision, summarizes Maëva Maugard, deploring, however, the propensity of her partner to be late. And no doubt a little head in the air: Nawal Hadrami had forgotten his calculator on the day of the math test of his science baccalaureate! She is now all ears …

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