Life Style Neem rich in medicinal benefits can also cause these disadvantages, know what effect the leaves have

Neem rich in medicinal benefits can also cause these disadvantages, know what effect the leaves have

Leaves like neem and basil are popular for their medicinal benefits. We all know that it benefits us in many ways. When it comes to neem, antiseptic leaves give us pure air, apart from removing germs, they do much more. However, if used too much, neem can be dangerous. On the positive side, neem leaves are full of very strong enzymes. Despite being helpful in many aspects, it can harm us.

May reduce blood sugar level
Blood sugar level must be controlled to live a healthy life. It can increase by eating sweet and smooth food. Many people are advised that the use of neem can control blood sugar levels. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the right amount of intake is retained. It does not matter whether you are using neem on your own or through medicines, always seek the advice of a doctor as to what the best course of action may be.

Stimulates the immune system
During the pandemic period it is clear that we should take more care on our health care, including our immune system. But as far as your health is concerned, swallowing neem or neem based products can increase the immune system. But as per the health report, it has come to light that heavy doses of neem can also be dangerous. This happens because neem can stimulate the immune system more, due to which there is a fear of complication of health.

Kidney damage can happen
Our body is made up of different organs, which work together to keep us alive and healthy. If someone’s limb gets damaged, there can be a risk to life. For example, neem has also been found to indirectly cause kidney damage. Although there is no strong scientific basis behind it, health experts recommend to be careful about the ingredient like Neem.

May cause stomach irritation
There are also some people who are very conscious of health and start consuming or swallowing more neem. Although limited amounts may be a boon, overdose has been found to cause sour belching or stomach irritation. There is currently no scientific evidence to prove it. Instead, in many research, it has been suggested to do more research to understand it.

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