Life Style Neena Gupta advised her friend to leave her husband

Neena Gupta advised her friend to leave her husband

Neena Gupta On Marriage: Neena Gupta is a well-known personality in the Bollywood industry, who is known for keeping her words frankly. She likes to speak openly on every issue. Although Nina was a bit unlucky in terms of relationship and marriage. That’s why once he had given such advice to his friend, whoever heard it, he was shocked.

Was advised to leave the husband-
Neena had told in an interview that she had never seen any such marriage in which both the people were happy. Every marriage is bound by some agreement or the other. In such a situation, she had even advised one of her friends that she should leave her husband.

Husband’s excesses should not be tolerated-
Nina’s advice would be quite right for many wives because they are troubled by their husband due to one reason or the other, but due to society, family and for what reasons they are not able to leave their husband but one thing is always in their mind. It should be kept that you have not married to tolerate someone’s excesses. In such a situation, no matter what happens, never tolerate the wrong words of the husband.

If it can be done, then definitely try it-
If you feel that there is love between you but there is a rift, then never hesitate to end it. You may try to revive your relationship as it was before. Many times it happens that due to mental stress, people get away from their partner. In such a situation, you just need to make them realize that you are as attached to them as before.

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