Entrepreneur Network: like Spielberg, surround yourself with inspiring people!

Network: like Spielberg, surround yourself with inspiring people!

Steven Spielberg received three Oscars: one for best picture (in 1994) and two for best director (in 1993 and 1999). Everyone knows him. And yet… it was not won! A mediocre student but passionate about cinema, his school results did not allow him to integrate the film schools of his choice. […] To break through, he actually started with a very original internship at Universal Studios at the age of seventeen. Concretely, the internship allowed him to navigate the premises of Universal, but denied him access to film sets.

Instead of being discouraged, Spielberg showed up every morning to sneak up to the sets. At the end of his internship, he pretended nothing had happened and continued to visit the studios every morning, talking to everyone he met. Little by little, no one was surprised to see a kid wandering around on the biggest shoots of the time. […] He even used the premises of Universal to shoot a short film (“Amblin”) that changed his life. Impressed by this short film and considering Steve as a “regular”, the bosses of Universal offered him a seven-year contract as a director. […]

Rely on others

When entrepreneurs […] ask me how to expand their network and get in touch with the right people, I tell them the Spielberg story. […]

All day long, we can waste precious time tossing the same question over and over again in our heads. Whilethere is always someone who has the answer. Think back to the last time you found yourself trapped in your perpetual questions. How did you make your decision then? What was the weight of the mental load required to get there? By asking the right person, you save time but also a significant amount of energy. And God knows if time and energy are vital resources for any entrepreneur worthy of the name!

Building a network

The more a business grows, the more essential the network is. You might as well put in place this healthy habit as soon as possible! In my personal mirror, I realize the decisive importance of certain people during key events: strategic recruitments, fundraising, team organization, difficult discussions between founding partners, etc. […] I therefore invite you to seek inspiring people if you find yourself (and it will inevitably happen) in the following 3 situations:

1. I need an answer / solution / support : I am stuck on a problem on which I have no experience and I am using up my time. Surely there is someone who has experience on the subject and can give me the right information in 30 seconds! Or quite simply, I need to talk to other entrepreneurs who are in the same situation as me, so that we can help each other. In a case like this, having a network of entrepreneurs in the same field as yourself is extremely useful.

2. I am stagnating, I need to confront myself with different points of view : I move forward, I have results, but all is not perfect and I doubt my strategy. A mentor or coach could help me look at different options, see things from a different perspective.

3. I’m not sure of myself, I need inspiration, role models who motivate me : I lack self-confidence, it’s difficult and I just wonder if my project has a future. Do not panic ! I rush to find people who inspire me for some aspect of their project or their life, and I will draw energy and creativity from their side.

Alexandre Dana, author of “The Livementor Method”.
– DR / Alisio

The author:

Alexandre dana is an entrepreneur, founding president of LiveMentor. This text is taken from his book: “The Livementor Method: 12 steps to free the entrepreneur who is in you” published by Alisio, 346 pages, 22 euros.

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