Technology New world. A French “trusted cloud” with American technologies

New world. A French “trusted cloud” with American technologies

The “trust cloud” project is launched jointly by Orange and Cap Gemini. Illustrative photo. (SAMEER AL-DOUMY / AFP)

Couriers, administrative services, health services, banking, etc. Today, everything goes through the cloud and each country must equip itself with a sovereign infrastructure to meet new needs. It is the idea of ​​this “cloud of confidence”, baptized Blue, wanted by the government. The project has been certified by the Information Systems Supervisory Authority (ANSSI). It will be used to store and process the most sensitive data of French companies and government departments. Bleu will be operated by Orange and Cap Gemini, with servers located in France, based on Microsoft technologies.

However, for some, talking about sovereignty and partnering with an American giant may seem bizarre. It’s a bit like the Health Data Hub, this central health data service, also entrusted to the Seattle firm. One of the problems is the famous American law of the “cloud act”, which allows, in theory, the American justice to “search” in the servers of any company under American law, even if these servers are located outside the territory of the United States. A potential threat to the sovereignty of other states using American technologies.

But the problem is also that the giants Microsoft, Amazon or Google, are today the most advanced in terms of cloud technologies. The Europeans are late. We can regret it and hope that it will improve but it is a fact, recognized by many specialists, which leads to not wanting to deprive oneself of American technologies under penalty of making the “cloud at the discount”.

To protect themselves against the “Cloud Act”, Orange and Capgemini will be the sole shareholders at the controls of this new platform, Microsoft being a partner, a simple supplier of technical solutions. Some professionals criticize this project but others consider it pragmatic. Ultimately, Bleu will join the GaïaX project, which is the “cloud of trust” project at European level.

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