Technology New world. Are holograms the future of teamwork?

New world. Are holograms the future of teamwork?

Mixed reality work session with Hololens headsets (performance) (MICROSOFT)

Working together, remotely, thanks to virtual 3D images, this is what Microsoft’s Hololens 2 mixed reality headset allows. franceinfo has tried this innovative tool.

It’s a strange feeling. Several people physically located in different places can interact together on a model of Formula 1 or an airplane engine. The hologram is very realistic, despite a still limited field of vision. The various speakers appear in the form of avatars, for the moment inanimate.

The impression of immersion is disturbing. This simulation that we tested is an application of the Hololens 2 mixed reality headset, developed on the basis of the Hololens Mesh platform, from Microsoft. Perhaps the future of collaborative work.

Demonstration of the Hololens mixed reality headset
Hololens Mixed Reality Headset Demonstration (JC / RF)

franceinfo: What exactly is Hololens?

Othman Chiheb, Hololens Product Manager at Microsoft France : Hololens is a mixed reality headset, that is to say a mix between virtual reality and augmented reality. Thanks to the visor in front of your eyes, you can display a hologram in your field of vision and interact with it. It allows all kinds of things to be done, like remote assistance for technicians, training, etc. Hololens Mesh is the new platform that allows any developer to create remote work applications. We thus move from an individual experience to a collaborative experience.

Can we imagine one day generalizing this tool for remote work meetings or even for individuals?

At this point, it only concerns professionals. Many companies have acquired Hololens equipment, in industry or in the health sector, for example, for surgery. This innovation is also used in the field of culture. For example, the Musée de la Liberation de Paris offers a mixed reality tour. It is a new type of human-machine interface that is set to develop, in our opinion.

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