Technology New world. Toolkit and holograms: companies are working on the telework of tomorrow

New world. Toolkit and holograms: companies are working on the telework of tomorrow

An employee teleworking from her home. (CLAIRE LEYS / RADIOFRANCE)

Betting that remote work will become the norm and face-to-face the exception, several digital companies are offering innovative solutions.

This is the case of Microsoft, which this week presented its solution for the teleworking of the future, called Viva. The American company claims to help maintain relationships and corporate culture during teleworking time. Thus, Viva will be a platform giving access to all of the company’s resources, from day one, even if you don’t know anyone. The solution will be marketed in the course of the year 2021. Microsoft is already very present in business, in particular through its Sharepoint or Teams tools. However, certain functions can pose a problem, such as the “productivity score” integrated into the Office 365 office solution, which has recently been controversial.

To further improve videoconferencing in the future, holograms may be used. This is what the start-up Imverse offers, for example, created by two students from the Lausanne Polytechnic School, Javier Bello and Robin Mange. It is a collaborative hologram technology, easy to implement. Thanks to a special camera, the system films people in 3D, then software erases everything around it, and integrates the avatars into a virtual environment, for example, a meeting room. This would allow for remote collaborative work sessions.

Still imperfect in terms of image quality, the technology would however already make it possible to put ten people side by side. The effect is even more spectacular with a virtual reality or augmented reality headset. This startup has also just joined forces with Microsoft and the Swiss brand Logitech, to develop videoconferencing solutions of the future.

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