Technology New world. WhatsApp hopes to have its users wear out

New world. WhatsApp hopes to have its users wear out


If you use WhatsApp, you may have seen a warning message asking you to accept the new rules of use. Indeed, WhatsApp announced at the beginning of the year an update of its terms of use so that your personal data (name, first name, phone number, IP address, etc.) are shared with the other apps of the group ( Facebook, Instagram, Messenger).

However, this doesn’t appeal to everyone and it even sparked a wave of protests earlier this year, with some exodus to other competing apps, like Signal or Telegram.

Faced with the outcry, WhatsApp has put water in its wine. The company began by delaying the decision, which was to take place initially in early February, by postponing it until Saturday, May 15. At first, it was announced that if the terms of use were refused, the account would be closed. Ultimately, this will not be the case, but the functioning of WhatsApp will still be affected.

In a blog post, WhatsApp announces that “on May 15th, the application will continue to function normally” and “no one will see their account deleted”. However, users who have not yet validated the new conditions will occasionally see a reminder. Then, in a few weeks, this request will be permanently visible and, at that time, some functions may be limited (for example, the ability to send messages).

Apparently, WhatsApp doesn’t want to do anything that might piss off its users but intends to have them wear out. This friction is indicative of the interest that users today have in their personal data. Even if, according to the company, “a majority” users have already clicked and accepted the new rules.

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