Auto “Nissan X-Terra”: a new meaning… to drive

“Nissan X-Terra”: a new meaning… to drive

With the Nissan X-Terra, the family outing takes on a whole new meaning. Powerful engineering, combined with advanced technology, allows you to do things on a different scale, and with it, familiarize yourself with luxury, with an interior designed to suit everyone’s desires, and experience luxurious leather-trimmed seats and systems Climate control for each row, zero-gravity seats to ensure maximum comfort, and confidence while driving with technologies that help you see and interact with your surroundings to keep you safe and enjoy driving, all this once you have the new vehicle, which comes to distinguish drivers at all levels.

The X-Terra features an interior design that meets the needs of all tastes, and a foldable entertainment system that includes an 11-inch screen that attracts the attention of all family members, with comfortable seats, a clear view of the screen, and other features that provide comfort and ease of flight.

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Whether in slow rush hour traffic or wading through the desert, count on the power you need and the efficiency you need to drive comfortably, and enjoy the fuel-efficient two-wheel drive or massive all-wheel drive capability of all-wheel drive, and switch to 4LO mode with one twist of this switch. To stay confident and in control when things get really bad.

The Nissan X-Terra comes with a navigation system and GPS built into the dashboard, enabling you to maintain your focus while driving on the road while the system guides you with visual and audio instructions.

And you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel while using your voice with Android Auto to carry out some functions during your day. Say “Hey Google” or press the voice control button on the steering wheel.

The Nissan X-Terra is engineered with a fully reinforced, rigid grade structure to provide exceptional power and rigidity, and features a powerful, double-wishbone front suspension precisely tuned to control the vehicle with fast and confident response, while the five-link rear suspension is precisely tuned for a comfortable ride.

The new car, which is available at Al-Babtain showrooms, constitutes a revolution in the world of off-road driving, so that you can climb slopes, walk slowly on steep terrain, or turn right and left among the sprawling rocks here and there while you are confident thanks to these advanced technologies that accompany you wherever you are.

The Nissan X-Terra comes equipped with sound insulating glass to reduce outside noise from reaching you, so you can focus only on the important things, and a dual-zone automatic climate control system that allows you and the front passenger to adjust the temperature as you wish, as well as a rear air conditioner to cool off. Get comfortable with our accessible second and third row temperature control systems.

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