Infotech No “big resignation” in France unlike in the United States: the activity rate at a record level in 2021

No “big resignation” in France unlike in the United States: the activity rate at a record level in 2021

The activity rate of 15-64 year olds reached 73% in 2021, its highest level since INSEE measured it, proof that there has been no “great resignation”named after these cascading departures in the United States at the end of the pandemic, underlined INSEE this Thursday, June 30.

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“The activity rate of 15-64 year olds reaches 73%”its highest level “since we measure, since 1975”, said Vladimir Passeron, head of the employment and earned income department of INSEE, during a meeting with the press. This figure is understood as defined by the ILO, adding the population in employment and the unemployed.

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Learning pulls the numbers up

This high level is explained in particular by an increase in the activity rate of people under 25, which will reach 39.7% in 2021, its highest level since 2010. The success of apprenticeship, driven by a reform of the and generous subsidies, partly explains this increase.

The activity rate of seniors is also increasing, reaching 69.3% for 50-64 year olds, i.e. one point more than in 2020 and 15.7 points more than in 2000. to raise the retirement age.

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“We are at the highest levels of activity rate and employment rate. We didn’t have the same thing as in the United States, where there was a sort of flight from the job market. On the contrary (…) There is no great resignation ”underlined Vladimir Passeron.

France remains below the European average, with employment rates for young people and seniors being higher in many European countries.

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new scenarios

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Over the long term, INSEE predicts an increase in the active population in absolute value until 2040, rising from 30.1 million to 30.5 million, then a decline, to reach 29.2 million in 2070. In d he old projections made in 2017, the active population was increasing until 2070.

This downward revision is “mainly due to demographics”with in the new scenarios “a lower birth rate and a migration balance that is older on average”explained Sylvain Larrieu, head of the economic summary division of the labor market at INSEE.

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