Infotech “No shortage but tensions”: 12% of petrol stations lack at least one type of fuel

“No shortage but tensions”: 12% of petrol stations lack at least one type of fuel

Government spokesman Olivier Véran said on Wednesday October 5 that there was no “no shortage” of fuel in service stations but that ” tensions “ existed in the supply of some of them.

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Some 12% of stations in France are experiencing “difficulties on at least one type of fuel” at the pump, with variable situations depending on the region, Hauts-de-France being the most affected with around 30% of the stations, said Olivier Véran after the Council of Ministers.

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There is therefore no “situation of shortage, but there are tensions”who “are temporary”and “everything is put on the table to ensure that they are reabsorbed”he specified.

Avoid the “panic effect”

The state has “was brought here and there, when necessary, to resort to drawing on strategic stocks to enable stations to be supplied”according to him.

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Olivier Véran called to avoid “panic effect” which means that when“You are told that you may miss something, everyone rushes” in stations. “I assure you that it is not necessary”he added.

This tension is explained by a strike movement for wages within TotalEnergies. According to the CGT, there are only two refineries in operation on the eight sites in France, the other six being blocked by strikes or maintenance operations.

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Total relies on its stocks

According to the group, this is also due to ” price drop “ in its stations – a discount at the pump of 20 euro cents per liter – which has led to “a large crowd”. According to TF1, Total reports an increase in demand of 30 to 40% over the last month.

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On Tuesday the energy giant promised “to mobilize to resupply the network thanks to additional logistical means”. “There is no shortage of fuel because TotalEnergies has built up stocks and is currently importing regularly”he said.

In the meantime, the LR president of Hauts-de-France Xavier Bertrand called on the government on Wednesday to ” remedy “ to the ” shortage “ of fuel, which in particular causes difficulties in school transport, in a letter to the Minister Delegate for Transport Clément Beaune.

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