Auto North Gulf Civil Aviation delivers 120 Hyundai Tucson 2020 vehicles

North Gulf Civil Aviation delivers 120 Hyundai Tucson 2020 vehicles

North Gulf Trading Company, the exclusive agent for “Hyundai” cars in Kuwait, signed a tender with civil aviation through the “Priority Cars” company, to offer 120 Hyundai Tucson 2.4 model 2020 cars, which are distinguished by their reliability, advanced technologies, excellent performance, and many advantages that It will contribute to facilitating and developing the civil aviation business.

The chief executive of North Gulf, Raed Turjuman, expressed his satisfaction with the success of this tender with the «Civil Aviation» through «priority for cars».

Various models

He stressed the commitment of “North Gulf” always to provide high-quality services, and focus on its development as a group, meeting the needs of its customers, and benefiting from the global strategy of “Hyundai” to ensure customer satisfaction, thanking “Civil Aviation” for its tireless efforts.

In turn, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Priority Cars, Talal Sultan Al-Shehab, expressed his happiness in cooperating with “North Gulf” to provide and deliver Hyundai Tucson cars for the benefit of “Civil Aviation”, pointing to the durability and quality of these vehicles, and we hope that this will be a big step. In strengthening the relations between the two companies.

Al-Shehab stated that the company has great and successful experiences with government contracts, while this type of contract confirms the ability of “priority cars” to provide the needs of government sectors, institutions and companies wishing to acquire luxury and non-luxury cars, within annual contracts with high-end features and services and competitive prices, from Through a dedicated team capable of providing multiple options at the best standards.

Specialized cadres

Northern Gulf Commercial has expanded its activities in the field of car sales, leasing services, contracts, tenders, etc., and includes specialized cadres in all related fields. The number of workers in its sectors is more than 400 employees, with experience, competence and specialized qualifications, in order to ensure that it provides the highest standards. Service and to seek the help of prepared and qualified cadres to achieve its goals and take it towards future horizons.

The company periodically launches a renewed package of commercial offers with the aim of satisfying customers and giving them an opportunity to own Hyundai at distinctive and easy prices, and to contribute to enhancing the image and reputation of Hyundai and in fulfillment of the brand’s philosophy that places customers’ needs at the top of its list of priorities, both before and after the sale.

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