Auto “North Gulf” opens a new Hyundai service center

“North Gulf” opens a new Hyundai service center

– Torgoman: The new edifice reflects the seriousness of our quest to win the satisfaction of our customers and the extent of our commitment to continuous development

North Gulf Company inaugurated the new Hyundai service center in the Shuwaikh area, during a conference attended by members of the group’s senior management represented by the Group’s Chairman of the Board Sheikh Jaber Hammoud Al-Sabah, CEO Raed Tarjman, and Dongyu Kim, regional director of the Hyundai brand in the Middle East. , along with a group of guests and representatives of the media.

The celebration included a tour during which the guests were introduced to the facilities and equipment of the center, which was built on a total built-up area of ​​12,000 square meters distributed over 4 floors.

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The ground floor includes the service center, the first floor includes offices and waiting rooms, while the lower floors are designated for parking and other services.

utmost attention

Turgeman said: “(Hyundai) pays the utmost attention to after-sales services because customer satisfaction is at the heart of the brand’s philosophy.

He added, “We have developed and applied the standards of the international quality management system (ISO 9001) as a basis for our pursuit to achieve success in providing high-quality service and achieving customer satisfaction. Impeccable aftermarket.”

Commitment to development

Turjuman stated that the opening of this new edifice reflects the seriousness of North Gulf’s endeavor to win the satisfaction of its customers and the extent of its commitment to continuous development, indicating that it has allocated in this regard more than 50 million dinars, to invest in projects aimed at raising the relationship between the Hyundai brand and customers to unimaginable levels. Unprecedented of quality and excellence, continuing, “one of them is opening today, and the second project, which will be the latest, largest and largest in the Gulf and the region within two years.”


Turjuman said, “We consider that customer service is not limited to providing distinguished service. Greetings with a smile, especially since emotional ties are very important and some small things carry great meanings.

He stated that the group’s customer service is based on the values ​​of attention, respect and transparency, up to the utmost efficiency in fulfilling its promises to meet all their expectations even in the smallest details.

Turjuman added: “Our quest to delight our customers and meet their aspirations will not stop at this new edifice, which reflects our commitment to them, in addition to the absolute concern for human well-being that distinguishes (Hyundai).”

He continued, “We are determined to walk a clear path towards excellence at all levels, with confidence in our vision and in our team, as this strategy has established our name as a leading company in the automotive sector in Kuwait.”

modern engineering

He pointed out that «the new center is distinguished by its modern architecture that suggests sophistication and modernity that is clearly evident in the design that combines simplicity and practical style, and the elegance of the place is increased by the glass ceiling that extends over its entire area, so that natural lighting adds a touch of luxury to the atmosphere of the new edifice, while enhancing The quality of the experience is the air conditioning system that covers all parts of the place, including work spaces.”

He continued, “The new service center, which provides quick and periodic service, is equipped with 20 service stations with a capacity of more than 3,000 cars per month, in addition to the latest integrated technologies, and a team of highly qualified staff and cadres of certified technicians and specialized experts to ensure maximum levels of efficiency and perfection.”

Turjuman explained that the team works under the supervision of a management team with a long experience in this field, as the number of the group’s work team exceeds 350 people from all technical and administrative levels.

Highest quality standards

The new center employs the highest international quality standards through the best efficiency and effectiveness systems compatible with the quality rules of the “Hyundai” brand, in order to complete the required work with the utmost accuracy and in the shortest possible time by ensuring the availability of all types of original spare parts at all times and for all models. “Northern Gulf” customers can book an appointment through the customer service center to get the service they want at the time that suits them.

The new service center goes beyond just providing its services for cars powered by the internal combustion engine, to distinguish itself from competitors by providing services for electric cars as well. This represents an important leap in the “Northern Gulf” strategy, which seeks to achieve permanent excellence in providing the infrastructure capable of meeting the future needs of its customers in a proactive manner. elegant layout

“Northern Gulf” has designed and prepared the spacious waiting room in a modern style characterized by practical luxury enhanced by open spaces, elegant arrangement of furniture pieces and distribution of amenities.

And since the family is at the center of Hyundai’s attention, a children’s play area has been allocated according to the highest safety standards and equipped with a variety of entertaining games.

The administrative floor also includes a spacious meeting room equipped with advanced display technology, and a special training center that offers monthly training courses that are held directly through the company’s experts in Kuwait or via the Internet through Hyundai experts, as part of North Gulf’s endeavor to continuously upgrade its competencies. It enhances the customer experience, strengthens its presence and enhances its distinction as a leader in the field of customer service, along with a library hall dedicated to study and research.

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