Auto “Northern Gulf” rewards Roshen George with $10,000

“Northern Gulf” rewards Roshen George with $10,000

North Gulf Company, the exclusive agent for Hyundai cars in Kuwait, revealed that Roshen George won $10,000 at the end of the special Ramadan offer during the month of Ramadan, pointing out that this offer was distinguished by giving customers special prices on the latest Hyundai models when purchasing any car. From a distinguished group of them and many other valuable advantages.

This comes at a time when Hyundai cars are characterized by competitive prices, high efficiency, long reliability, strong performance, creative design, as well as special specifications that give the customer a wide scope to choose what suits his needs, budget and priorities when visiting any of the Hyundai branches in Kuwait, to provide the employees Competent people are valuable advice on the style that suits him, meets his needs, and suits his taste.

Variety of assortment

Khaldoon Abdul Hafez, Marketing Director of North Gulf, said, “We are delighted that one of our customers won the grand cash prize, and we are pleased to contribute to their happiness and always provide them with valuable opportunities by launching such a special offer to share the joy of Eid.”

He stressed that the company will continue to provide them with the best offers when buying any Hyundai car, from special prices and profit opportunities, as well as a package of other valuable advantages that gain the satisfaction and confidence of customers, and continue to provide the latest offers and distinctive ideas that attract their interest.

He pointed out that “Northern Gulf” periodically launched a renewed package of commercial offers, with the aim of satisfying customers and giving them an opportunity to own “Hyundai” at special prices and easy installments, and to contribute to enhancing the image and reputation of “Hyundai” as a successful car and a brand that was able in a short time to compete with the oldest and most prestigious car companies. And in fulfillment of the brand’s philosophy, which puts customer needs at the top of its list of priorities, whether before or after the sale.


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