Auto “Northern Gulf” Trading strengthens its fleet with 3 car carriers from “Hyundai Trucks”

“Northern Gulf” Trading strengthens its fleet with 3 car carriers from “Hyundai Trucks”

– Raed Turjuman: A great achievement that gives us more flexibility in dealing with shipments that reach us
– We have allocated investments of more than 50 million dinars for projects that expand our presence in the market

Northern Gulf Trading Company revealed the inclusion of 3 new car carriers in its fleet, in a move that is in line with its plans to expand its business and enhance its capabilities in the market, after it had previously announced the allocation of large investments to support its projects, which aim to consolidate its position as a leading company in the automotive sector, and ensure The necessary resources to improve its business and relationships with customers at the level of individuals or companies.

The CEO of the company, Raed Turjuman, said that the addition of 3 car carriers to the “Northern Gulf” fleet constitutes a major achievement that enhances its logistical capabilities and gives it greater flexibility in dealing with the shipments it receives, and provides it with the necessary means to work according to a fast pace, and saves it effort and money resulting from Possible delays, in line with its future plans and moving its business forward according to the future vision it seeks to achieve.


He added, “Our business is governed by a system of values ​​centered around excellence, quality, and ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We have allocated investments of more than 50 million dinars to implement projects aimed at achieving our goals in expanding our presence in the Kuwaiti market, and strengthening our role as one of the main companies in the automotive sector.”

Turjuman continued, “During the past year, we opened one of the most advanced service centers in Kuwait, on an area of ​​about 12,000 square meters, and we moved the Ahmadi Service Center to new facilities, and we have other projects under work and others under development.”

He stated that the “XCIENT” Hyundai trucks are considered one of the most reliable and high-quality vehicle carriers in the world, and they are characterized by a high-quality engineering design with a high-density steel structure, and a powertrain that gives them great performance and great maneuverability, while ensuring the highest levels of safety. In addition to the high reliability that characterizes all of the brand’s products.

He pointed out that the “XCIENT” trucks are distinguished by a strong and innovative design with exceptional functions, as the chassis is made of high-tensile steel to withstand the most difficult challenges in all environments, and is equipped with a high-capacity rear axle that gives it high endurance and stability, and a “D6CC41 Euro4” engine with a capacity of up to Up to 410 HP and 4-Bag Automatic Air Suspension (ECAS).

This comes in addition to the “ABS” systems with “ASR” (Anti-Slip Regulator) that enables the driver to maintain the vehicle’s full directional stability at all times, avoiding potentially dangerous situations, and the “ABS” system (Anti-lock Braking System) that moves the vehicle to A safe and controlled stopping point, at which time the driver can practice driving at high speeds without worrying about skidding or losing control.

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