Life Style Now breath can be taken not only through the nose but also from the anus, scientists have made a shocking claim

Now breath can be taken not only through the nose but also from the anus, scientists have made a shocking claim

Breathe Out Of Your Bum: Lungs or gills are used in many animals to breathe in and out, although there are exceptions, loaches, catfish, and spiders breathe through the intestines when there is a lack of oxygen in their environment. A discovery by Japanese scientists has also proved it to be true that some animals can breathe through their anus as well. This discovery by Japanese scientists has also opened the way for breathing through the anus for humans suffering from breathing problems. This discovery has also been published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Resources and Technology Insight.

Research was also done at Tokyo University

Researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University found in a research last year that the oxygen supply in the blood of rats and pigs is being done through their rectum. This technique was known as Enteral Ventilation. It may sound a little strange to think about right now, but in the coming times, this technology may one day be used to help oxygen supply to people suffering from severe respiratory problems. According to the report published in the Daily Star, according to the report published in the CTRTI journal, a group of scientists conducted several experiments on pigs and rats based on the slow metabolism of turtles.

What happened on rats and pigs

In this experiment, scientists scrubbed the intestines of animals like rats and pigs to thin the mucosal lining. This reduced the obstruction in blood flow. The purpose of this procedure was to clean the intestines of animals. After this he was kept in a room deficient in oxygen. It is believed that turtles have such a thin layer. Because of this, they are able to breathe through their anus. This is the reason why they are able to survive in winter.

However, it has not been told in this report where the team of scientists was from. In this experiment, it was seen that those animals that were not ventilated through the intestines and whose respiration was controlled, died after 11 minutes. On the other hand, those animals whose intestines were not dilated (Intestinal Scrubbing) but were given intestinal ventilation, they lived for about 18 minutes i.e. almost twice as long. This shows that the level of oxygen in them had increased somewhat. In this one-hour experiment, it was found that 75 percent of animals whose rectum was cleaned and those who received oxygen under pressure lived for one hour. This proves that rats and pigs are capable of breathing through the intestines under the right conditions. With this it is believed that other mammals will also be able to breathe through the anus.

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