Entrepreneur Nutriearth launches insect-based animal products

Nutriearth launches insect-based animal products

Installed in the Euralimentaire incubator in Lomme, near Lille, Nutriearth has just launched its first range of functional ingredients, in the form of flour or oils produced from edible insects. Thanks to an innovative process protected by several patents, the start-up manages to enrich these insects – the mealworm – with specific nutrients: iron, zinc, polyphenol A and vitamin D3.

It has demonstrated their beneficial effects on human and animal health, in particular on immunity, osteoporosis and muscle tone. With its semi-industrial installation, the company achieves a production of 4 tonnes per month, but aims for 140 tonnes per year by moving to a real industrial site that it is actively seeking.

3 million euros

Nutriearth has started to market its ingredients to animal health manufacturers (Petcare), integrated in croquettes and other sweets or offered as food supplements. A European veterinary clinical study has indeed demonstrated the effectiveness of its products generating bone demineralization in dogs and cats, which allows its customers to display on their packaging “clinically proven”.

For human consumption, Nutriearth is awaiting the green light from EFSA, the European food safety authority, which delivers the precious sesame according to the insects used. The young company will then be able to supply its ingredients as raw material to the food industry, targeting the senior and athletic market.

On the financial level, Nutriearth raised 800,000 euros two years ago in seed money from Koa Food International, Eurasanté and two business angels, as well as assistance from bpifrance. Last summer, the company raised 3 million euros including 1.4 million in capital. The historical shareholders joined Agrinnovation managed by Demeter Partner, Finovam Gestion and Nord France Amornement. The three founders, Thomas dormigny, Jeremy Defrize and Charles-Antoine Destailleur remain in the majority at 52%. And bpifrance reiterated its support with 1.6 million in subsidy or repayable advance. Thanks to these funds, Nutriearth was able to launch the marketing of its first range and recruit six people.


Creation date : 2017

President : Thomas dormigny

Rising : 3 million euros

Effective : 4 people

Sector: food

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