Technology Oceans: a mission to map the abyss

Oceans: a mission to map the abyss



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June 8 is World Oceans Day, the opportunity to explore the seabed to map the abyss. This mission should make it possible to protect the environment, to organize more sustainable fishing and to place the telecommunication cables in the right place.

Under the surface of our oceans, there are lush rocky escarpments or abysses of unsuspected richness. Thousands of meters deep, how can we better protect, or better exploit, these sea beds which cover 70% of the earth’s surface? Questions to which man does not yet know the answers: it’s hard to believe, but we know the bottom of our oceans less well than the surface of the Moon. Scientists want to remedy this situation.

“Our project is to produce a complete map of the seabed by 2030. The day we have this detailed map, we will understand our planet Earth much better”, explains Satinder Bindra, former director of the “Seabed 2030” project. Ridge, plateau or submarine pit: so far, only 20% of the seabed has been accurately mapped. From space, ocean water obstructs satellite measuring instruments. It is therefore necessary to explore the seas aboard boats.

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