Top Stories OCHA approves correcting the drop of more than one million displaced people in Marib from the lists of the humanitarian response plan

OCHA approves correcting the drop of more than one million displaced people in Marib from the lists of the humanitarian response plan

The meeting of the local authority in Ma’rib Governorate was approved, headed by the Undersecretary, Dr. Abd Rabbo Miftah, and the team of the Office for the Coordination of Affairs humanity of the United Nations (OCHA) in Yemen, who is visiting the governorate headed by the Deputy Director of the OCHA office in Aden, Renee Nijenhuis, a number of procedures And the steps to correct the error of dropping one million and 200 thousand displaced people from the response plan statements humanity Prepared by OCHA for the current year 2022 AD, and to reduce the negative effects on their situation humanity.

It is highlighted procedures Which was agreed upon to determine the size of the displaced and those affected by the war in the governorate and to bridge the gap between the official figures of the local authority and the government that were raised based on previous surveys and what was approved by OCHA in the response plan and with a very low number, to arrange for a joint survey between the concerned offices of the local authority and international organizations concerned with OCHA coordination, in addition to strengthening the mechanism of communication and exchange of information and data between OCHA, the local authority and relevant government ministries in all steps related to humanitarian aspects and responding to humanitarian needs.

The meeting also stressed the organizations’ continuation to mobilize support and funding to fund the gap in humanitarian needs in the governorate and mitigate the negative negative effects on the people modes Humanity for the large numbers of displaced people who were ignored by the humanitarian response plan when preparing it and to ensure that they are not deprived of their right humane To find the real number.

The meeting was devoted to discussing the error that OCHA made in its humanitarian response plan for the current year, ignoring the official statistics and data that were shared with it by the local authority and the government before, and adopting low numbers of displaced people in the governorate that are not based on an official or clear reference, which causes the deprivation of many of the people The displaced from responding to their needs as well as responding to the displacement operations to the governorate, which continue to this day, and increase fatigues The local authority and the government in the face of these needs are beyond their capacity.


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