Entrepreneur Ohm Energie captures 14 million to reduce our electricity bill

Ohm Energie captures 14 million to reduce our electricity bill

Founded by Francois Joubertwhose career at EDF took him from China to London as an analyst and then as head of trading strategies, Ohm Energythe young Parisian gas and electricity supply company has just complete a financing of 14 million eurosincluding 2.5 million from its historical family offices, 1.5 million from bpifrance and 10 million in the form of a loan from a banking pool led by Banque Populaire Rives de Paris (BPRI).

These funds are intended to support the rise of its client portfolio, which has increased from 60,000 in 2020 to 165,000 at the start of 2022, with a target of 500,000 in 2023. Its workforce should double at the same time to reach 60 jobs. Ohm Energie’s strategy is to “capitalize on technological breakthroughs”, explains its leader and, in particular, that of the famous Linky electricity meter. This communicating meter, whose primary objective is to simplify meter reading, also offers the possibility of finely analyzing the subscriber’s consumption.

A “leak” of 110 million euros

It is on this in-depth analysis that its commercial offer is based, with four tariffs targeting four types of profiles – from the owner of a second home to the student – benefiting from its electricity purchasing strategy smoothed over long periods, therefore less subject to the vagaries of the market, and rewarding consumers at off-peak hours or light consumers.

But the Linky meter also enables Ohm Energie to nurture its ambition to become a “leading supplier of energy efficiency”. By comparing the electricity consumption of a household with that of another equivalent, its battery of algorithms can detect a thermal leak, alert the subscriber and give him advice on how to reduce his consumption.

In a study, the company thus detected, at the end of 2021, that 8% of French water heaters are poorly controlled at off-peak hours, which induces a “leak” of 110 million euros corresponding to an additional cost of 125 euros for 900,000 households. In a context of sustained tariff inflation, Ohm Energie, which generated a turnover of 45 million euros for the 2020-2021 financial yearis also targeting the market for self-consumption and photovoltaic panels, which is expected to gain momentum in France, according to the young supplier.


Creation date : 2018
General manager : Francois Joubert
Rising : 14 million euros
Effective : 30 people
Sector: energy

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