Auto Oison Chung… Visionary of the Year

Oison Chung… Visionary of the Year

Hyundai Motor Group CEO Oison Chung has won the ‘Visionary of the Year’ award at the inaugural Newsweek’s largest event for leaders of change in the auto industry.

The program has evolved into the largest global event for honoring awards, and it celebrates the list of “change leaders in the auto industry 2022”, to honor the 50 greatest “change makers” in America from the well-known international magazine “Newsweek”, a list of visionaries, innovators and pioneers, presented in the year 2021.

2572 new vehicles delivered in 3 months

The new awards honor “Automotive Industry Change Agents” who use technology in ways that profoundly and positively impact people’s lives. Important measures to shape the future of the auto industry now and for the next 30 years.

Newsweek honored Chung for his important role in the rise of Hyundai and Kia in the global auto industry, as under his leadership and bold vision for the future, the group is redefining what is possible in mobility and providing greater freedom of movement for humanity through the electric transformation of vehicles and robots and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

“Today’s leading automakers are pushing the boundaries of the possible in ways that move us and capture our imaginations,” said Nancy Cooper, Newsweek’s global editor-in-chief.

For his part, Chung, upon receiving the award, thanked Newsweek for these awards, which reflect the hard work of all Hyundai employees and business partners, who are focused on transforming the group into an intelligent mobility solutions provider and putting sustainability at the heart of what it does.

“I’ve always believed that cars are a way to connect people, and there is nothing more humane than the impulse to explore, to imagine, to make progress. Mobility literally brings people together, and when we work together, people are able to do extraordinary things.”

Chung affirmed Hyundai Motor’s commitment to making its vision of mobility a reality for the benefit of all mankind, pointing out that it wants to provide more time and space for everyone to do what truly motivates them, noting that it cannot achieve this alone, and hoping to inspire the imaginations of talented people around the world, to join to it in solving the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Innovate and develop

Hyundai won 3 of the 6 awards presented at Newsweek’s Best Automotive Change Leaders 2022 event, as well as for “Research and Development Team of the Year” and “Driver Development of the Year”.

The Group’s Vehicle Infrastructure Development Center won the ‘Research and Development Team of the Year’ award for developing the Global Electric Vehicle Standard Platform (E-GMP).

The group’s electric propulsion technology unit was awarded the “Powertrain Evolution of the Year” award for its development of the 800-volt battery system. Both awards reflect the group’s ongoing efforts to innovate and bring new mobility solutions to the market.

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