Top Stories On her International Day… Al-Houthi insults Yemeni women

On her International Day… Al-Houthi insults Yemeni women

Yemeni women are going through the most difficult conditions in the areas under the control of the Iranian Houthi militia, due to poverty and the loss of their families in the futile war waged by the militia against the Yemeni people, in addition to being subjected to various forms of torture, arrest, beating, kidnapping and humiliation.

black era

Human rights reports mention hundreds of Yemeni women languishing behind bars in the prisons of the Houthi militia, and there are those who were forced to live a harsh life in places of displacement and displacement, women and on injury beds and in the corridors of hospitals.

The final report of the United Nations experts also stated that the Houthis carried out brutal atrocities against women detainees in prisons, and the report stated that these atrocities are practiced through the “Zeinabiyat” squad, which consists of about 5,000 female soldiers who were trained in Iran and southern Lebanon, according to what the United Nations report revealed.

The report revealed that the Houthis’ harm is not limited to women in Sana’a and the cities under their control. Women in the liberated areas are subjected to direct killing, targeting, injury and displacement, all of which are crimes caused by the continuous Houthi bombing against populated villages.


Yemenis consider the establishment of a women’s armed group called “Zeinabiyat” in itself a violation of women and their sanctity preserved in the values ​​of conservative Yemeni society, as Yemeni society considers the participation of women in the fighting a clear violation of the red lines that preserve the position of women in society, especially that this group carried out immoral and unethical tasks Supervising them, including using them in physical violence and enabling rape and harassment of female detainees in Houthi prisons.

A scratch to modesty

In a report issued by the Human Rights Information and Rehabilitation Center last year, the Houthi militias detained about 350 women in their prisons, including 100 human rights defenders, media professionals and political activists.

The report indicated that several arrests were documented against women, most of which were carried out in an inappropriate manner to the status of women, such as pulling their hair outside the house, beating the body in front of people in public places, or breaking into homes while sleeping.

According to the report, last year, the Houthi militia killed 20 women out of 21 and injured about 36 out of 40 other women who were directly injured by bombing, sniping and assassination. In addition to 70% of girls who were deprived of education and became the most vulnerable to deteriorating health.

lofty important

In this context, human rights activist Amal al-Dabai saluted the “steadfastness of Yemeni women in the face of the tyranny of the Houthi militia.” Pointing out that the free Yemeni woman is writing the most wonderful timeless epics against the forces of ignorance, backwardness and darkness.

In an interview with Al-Sahwa Net, Al-Dabai said that Yemeni women are important and difficult to subdue and subjugate, and that they deserve all the appreciation because they are steadfast against the crimes of the Iranian militias, with all their strength, will, determination and valor.

While Sally Al-Hammadi considered that the courage of Yemeni women will be taught to future generations and that she will eventually triumph over the backward backward project, although she is currently paying the price more than everyone else. She is the mother who killed her son, the wife whose husband was arrested, and the sister whose brother was lost She will do justice to her and write her struggle in letters of light.

As is the case with the man, the woman is waiting for the morning to remove the continuous darkness since September 2014, knowing that this morning will only come with the sacrifices and patience of the woman along with her male brother, then the Yemeni woman will celebrate the eighth of March like any other woman in the world.


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