Auto Ooredoo hosts the largest gathering of classic and rare sports cars

Ooredoo hosts the largest gathering of classic and rare sports cars

Ooredoo Communications Company lit up the sky of the capital of Kuwait at the largest gathering of old classic and rare sports cars in the country, as part of its sponsorship of the wonderful “Street965” event, in its keenness to include and participate in the community’s various interests and in support of the creative youth energies.

The event was organized in cooperation with “Street965”, a social media platform that brings together the most famous car clubs in Kuwait, as well as cooperation with the Kuwaiti influencer and activist in social networking sites and interested in the automotive and engines sector, Mohammed Al-Amer.

This gathering included a wide range of classic and sports cars from global industries, including British, Japanese, American and European cars, as feelings of nostalgia were overshadowed by the old classic cars that were displayed and had a special presence among their loving audience.

Sports cars had an exceptional presence that attracted the attention of car enthusiasts, and the atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement that entertained visitors who loved vehicles and the sounds of fun engines increased.

The “Street965” event included more than 150 cars and 18 car clubs, and included the “MB” Club, the “Super Run” team, the “Porsche Kuwait Club”, the “Camaro Kuwait Club” and the Kuwait Classic Team Units, which honored the CEO of “Ooredoo” Abdulaziz Al-Babtain for sponsoring and hosting it. them, amid the participation of a number of small and medium-sized companies that are interested in the automotive sector.

Mijbil Al-Ayoub, Senior Director of Corporate Communications Department at Ooredoo Kuwait, said, “We have never hesitated to include the people of our community and support their inspiring youth talents. And make it the talk of the world.”

He added that “Street965” was an event that resonated throughout Kuwait, expressing the company’s pride because it embraced the event and the participants and welcomed all visitors, pointing out that it launched exclusive offers for one day only, through which it granted customers many exclusive and distinctive benefits at competitive prices.

For his part, Al-Amer said, “I had the honor of collaborating with (Ooredoo) and (Street965), which is the largest platform on social media that brings together the most famous car clubs in Kuwait for nearly 10 years with a huge customer base of car lovers, in an event that witnessed exceptional success that exceeded Our expectations are and we look forward to more distinguished youth successes.”

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The event witnessed the participation of many major companies in the country, such as the National Bank of Kuwait, which presented exclusive offers to visitors, Abdulmohsin Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Company, the representative of Nissan in Kuwait, Dr. Teth Dental Center, Cafe Dose and KidZania, which held a variety of activities for children, in addition to an application “Motorgy” for buying and selling used cars in Kuwait, as well as local and international restaurants and cafes, which added more atmosphere of enthusiasm as visitors enjoyed delicious flavors and food.

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