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Open Questions to His Excellency the UN Envoy to Yemen

His Excellency the Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Yemen.

After greeting :

Just questions that the simple man in the street asks, and turns to you, and does not find the way to you, as your office did not pay attention to them among those who are chosen and how? Under the name of civil society, of whom the real percentage of those who are actually from civil society does not reach 10%, as some say.

Forget about this now, and let’s put you, and behind the scenes that you know, and the elites that you voluntarily and unwillingly turn away from..!!

Here are the questions of the man of the street who wishes you to answer frankly and without ambiguity, regardless of what may reveal behind the scenes, or show dead consciences in some countries, including countries in the Security Council, as stated by the UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame before his resignation from that task in which he finds the envoy; Any envoy, chains that bind him, interferences that embarrass him, and dead consciences confirming him and his mission, and this saying of the man of the street is announced, or he declares it based on the saying of a man who lived a mission like yours, His Excellency the envoy Hans Grundberg, and he is Ghassan Salameh.

Rather, some men in the street slander, and exaggerate their analyzes. The analyzes of a man in the street have no limits, are not restricted by accounts, and are not subject to pressure; Therefore, you will be surprised when someone says in simple language: These UN envoys fear the fate of Dag Hammarskjöld, who was killed in the explosion of the plane he was on in the skies of Zambia in September 1961, and by the way, he is Swedish, and he was the Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1953 to 1953. 1961 AD. And the last report submitted to the United Nations General Assembly regarding the bombing of the plane he was in in October 2017. And the most important thing in the report is that member states of the United Nations have refrained from providing any information they have about the incident.

The man in the street analyzes that this fate constitutes psychological pressure for workers in high positions in the United Nations.

Let us once again from the analyzes of the man in the street, and come to his philosophy in asking his questions, and all the questions revolve around:

1- How was Sanaa airport opened without negotiations or committees?

2- How was the port of Hodeidah opened without negotiations or committees?

3- How did the United Nations condone the failure to apply the disbursement of port revenues and the return of oil ships as salaries to employees in the Houthi militia-controlled areas, given the urgent humanitarian need for the employees?

4- How was the Houthi group granted passports without negotiations or committees?

5- How can all the activities of international organizations in Sanaa be harnessed for the benefit of the Houthi militia, openly during the day, without the slightest objection from the United Nations?

6- What is the fate of the nearly 20 million dollars that the United Nations provided in 2016 or 2017 to the Houthi militia, claiming to remove mines, and was that amount used to clear mines, or was it just a dirty cover to support the militia, with which it increased its planting?

7- Why was the armistice announced without negotiations or committees?

7- Who are the parties that are messing around behind the scenes, and if there are parties, are they all dead of conscience? Or are there parties that have a degree of live conscience..!?

And one different question posed by the street in contrast to all these previous questions:

1- Why only opening the roads of Taiz requires committees and rounds of negotiations, and the role of the United Nations and the parties behind the scenes are completely absent!?

They are easy questions, but can His Excellency the envoy answer them honestly, with the help of his office, and even those behind the scenes, provided that none of them was referred to by Ghassan Salameh..!!


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