Infotech Open space, my love? How teleworking has changed our relationship with the office

Open space, my love? How teleworking has changed our relationship with the office

Teleworker 1: Are you coming to the office tomorrow? “

Teleworker 2: No, I have a job. “

The exchange is so banal that it makes you wonder if someone, in 2021, is still going to their workplace for anything other than eating Babybel, listening to meetings and taking breaks.

While the return to the office is looming with the relaxation, this Wednesday, June 9, of the health protocol which recommended 100% teleworking in companies, it is clear that few teleworkers are enthusiastic: despite the deleterious effects of work at distance, the prospect of a complete return on site frightens them and their only motivation is very often to find their peers.

“I want to go to the office to forge links with my colleagues, to integrate myself”, says Maeva, 23, a future work psychologist in a university internship. 100% teleworking, she has never met her colleagues other than by video. “From a distance, there is nothing spontaneous, informal. Everything is planned … I would like to be able to go back there a few days a week, depending on my tasks: at home to concentrate on my scientific watch, on site for the rest. “

Empty speech

“We will not go back to the situation before Covid. I am convinced that the pandemic is not a parenthesis for the world of work ”, declares the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne to “Obs”. In one year, telework has shaken everything up. Among the novelties: a

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