Auto “Outlander” 2023… ideal for modern roads

“Outlander” 2023… ideal for modern roads

– Imad Fleihan: “Al-Mulla” adopts the values ​​of “Mitsubishi” and has succeeded in strengthening its position locally.
– We will embark on an exciting journey with the opening of new facilities for our 50-year partnership with Mitsubishi.
Outlander, a multi-use sports utility vehicle, has been loved by customers in Kuwait since its arrival to the market

Al-Masila Trading Company, one of the Al Mulla Group companies, and the authorized dealer for Mitsubishi cars in Kuwait since 1972, hosted a high-level delegation from Mitsubishi Motors Middle East and Africa (MMC) to celebrate the launch of the fourth generation of the all-new Outlander 2023 model, It is the brand’s flagship sports utility vehicle.

Imad Fleihan, head of the Automotive Sector Group at Al-Mulla Group, Head of the Automotive Sector Hisham Al-Faqih, and representatives from Al-Masila Commercial Management received the guest delegation from Mitsubishi Motors Middle East and Africa headed by the General Manager of Mitsubishi Motors in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, Masatsugo. Kurahashi, President of Mitsubishi Motors Middle East and Africa Yutaka Yano, and members of the delegation.

Kurahashi said that the visit to Al-Masila Trading, which has been the regional partner and distributor of Mitsubishi Motors cars in Kuwait since 1972, comes to celebrate this special launch of the all-new model of Outlander 2023, which constitutes a very important stage for Mitsubishi Motors, with Considering that the brand enjoys great confidence and wide demand for its products, which allows it to reshape the opinion of customers about this model and about cars from the entire brand.

He stressed the aspiration of customers in the Middle East to obtain an integrated car with an attractive exterior design and comfortable interior, with practical specifications that meet various needs, and include the latest technologies and the most advanced systems.

He pointed out that the all-new Outlander will continue to attract new customers through a set of enhanced specifications, including upgrading driving to higher levels, enhancing the rate of fuel economy, and other features that customers are looking for today.

For his part, Fleihan expressed his pleasure to receive the Mitsubishi delegation, and the Al Mulla Group’s pride in its partnership with the brand and the adoption of its values ​​in everything it does, pointing out that it has succeeded in building and strengthening a leading position for Mitsubishi, which is considered today one of the highest market shares.

He referred to Al Mulla’s pledge to provide the best customer experience provided by professional staff trained according to the latest advanced management tools in all its updated facilities, pointing out that in the next few months, Al Mulla Automobiles will embark on an exciting journey with great events and activities and the opening of new facilities with the aim of Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its partnership with Mitsubishi Motors, a brand that has become associated with and synonymous with the group’s reputation for excellence, professionalism and innovation.

Fuleihan added that the “Outlander” SUV from Mitsubishi Motors has won the love of customers in Kuwait since the announcement of its arrival, stressing the pride of the Al Mulla Group in its partnership with Mitsubishi Motors over the decades.

He stated that over the years, the group’s well-established values ​​were reflected in excellence and commitment to applying and representing the rules and foundations of the “Mitsubishi” brand, in everything it does, which led to it receiving many awards for excellence and excellence in representing the brand in Kuwait.

And he indicated that over the past fifty years, customers have trusted Al Mulla to get the best products and after-sales services, promising them to provide an unparalleled driving experience, stressing Al Mulla Motors’ constant endeavor to maintain the highest industry standards in customer service and provide the best Quality guarantees them in Kuwait.

holistic design

Mitsubishi Motors Middle East and Africa introduced the long-awaited fourth generation of the exciting Outlander, as the seven-seater SUV witnessed a comprehensive design process, and was characterized by high levels of quality and strong performance, making it the ideal vehicle for driving on modern roads. which is characterized by speed and dynamism.

The vehicle was equipped with the latest innovative technology, which enhanced driving and improved it in more than one way, at a time when this model, which attaches great importance to safety, is available with a set of advanced features that ensure the safety of passengers at all times.

The SUV was first introduced nearly two decades ago, and since 2001 has achieved increasing popularity year after year, Mitsubishi Motors has sold more than 2.6 million Outlander series vehicles worldwide.

Majestic view

The Outlander’s exterior design exudes a strong character thanks to the design team’s “Bold Stride” design concept, which surrounds it with an aura of daring and enhances its stable stance and overwhelming presence.

The clearly visible front-to-rear horizontal proportion contrasts with the broad deck lines paired with sharp edges, and is perfectly complemented by the large 20-inch alloy wheels and the wide fenders.

The front end of the all-new Outlander is equipped with the distinctive new generation of Mitsubishi Motors dynamic shield design, which contributes to enhancing the front appearance of the car.

The set of sharp headlights, which includes daytime running lights and turn signals, is located in a higher position, providing a better view of other drivers and pedestrians, while the low headlights provide better illumination for a long distance without negatively affecting the vision of drivers on the opposite side of the road.

The all-new Outlander’s horizontal profile exudes strength, with elegant lines that highlight its bold character, making it look like a solid block carved piece of metal.

exceptional performance

The newly developed “Outlander” platform ensures a greater degree of protection in the event of a collision, and achieves a high level of stability on the road, as Mitsubishi Motors has used, for the first time ever, a high tensile strength steel plate with the use of hot stamping technology around the cabin, to obtain a chassis Extremely robust cabin, minimal crash damage, while reducing chassis weight.

Comfortable cabin

The rectilinear dashboard gives the interior an impressive horizontal character, giving it a spacious look, as well as practical features that make it easier for the driver to see changes in the car’s functions.

The upper part was covered with a soft-touch lining covered with a layer of leather, and carefully knitted stitches, which expresses a high level of quality throughout the cabin, while the doors feature interior lining that extends over a large area, as the same soft filling is used in the instrument panel and the sides of the floor console to provide Luxurious and comfortable space at the same time.

The new model features a color palette for the interior in the “P-Line” category with genuine leather seats in light gray and black, the instrument panel and the door edge are in the same color, and genuine aluminum is used for the transmission.

Reddish brown seats and semi-aniline leather seats are also available for the “P-Line” model, while the “H-Line” class comes with black leather seats and piano black interior material, while the “M-Line” model is available. Light gray or black fabric seats and piano black interior.

The all-new “Outlander” includes two types of instruments according to the model category, where there is a fully digital 12.3-inch screen equipped with the first full-color, high-resolution liquid crystal display from Mitsubishi Motors, which displays various content in an organized manner on a large screen.

Some of the model classes include a large 9-inch center display equipped with a Smartphone-Display Navigation System (SDA), providing high-resolution information using indoor maps and the navigation system. The desired functions, including navigation and voice, can be selected quite easily by touching an icon in the playlist which is always displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Users can also enjoy Android Auto and Apple CarPlay applications by connecting to Android or iPhone smartphones.

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