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Parliament grants confidence to the government

Today, the House of Representatives continued its sessions held in the temporary capital, Aden, headed by Parliament Speaker Sheikh Sultan Al-Barakani and in the presence of the Prime Minister and members of the government, to discuss the government program submitted by Prime Minister Dr. Members and made several essential comments.

This included the discussion of the members and their comments and the report of the committee charged with headed by Muhammad Ali Al-Shaddadi, which included the following:
The first axis:
1- The government should work by all means and take all measures to restore the state and overthrow the coup and mobilize all resources and energies to achieve this.
2. Strengthening the role of the armed forces on the battlefronts and providing them with all the qualitative weapons that would enable them to confront and defeat the Houthi coup militias.
3- The government should take the necessary measures to provide security and stability in the liberated areas, form unified operations rooms at the governorate level, and link them to a central operations room in the temporary capital, Aden.

The second axis:
1. The government’s commitment to financing the budget deficit from non-inflationary sources and stopping the monetary issuance.
2. The government should rebuild the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing system and re-form the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Committee in accordance with its own law.
3. The government shall take measures to:
a. Controlling the collection of the state’s public resources, and supplying them to the Central Bank in accordance with the law, and setting up a strict mechanism and procedures for collecting all resources and preventing revolutionaries from benefiting from the state’s public resources in various fields.
B. Take measures to close the accounts of government agencies that were opened outside the Central Bank in violation of the law and transfer their balances to the Central Bank in accordance with the law.
c. Stopping illegal levies, and raising the points that carry out this levy along the roads between governorates, which increases the price of goods and places the burden on citizens.
Dr.. Take the necessary policies and procedures to control currency exchange rates, and prepare a draft law regulating the functions and competencies of the currency exchange market within a period of three months.
e. The government’s commitment to prevent the transfer of salaries to the state apparatus through exchange shops.
And. The government should compel exchange houses not to raise the cost of cash transfers from the liberated areas to the areas under the control of the putschists, because of this, because of this has serious negative effects.

The third axis
1. The government must protect the fisheries from explosions and dredging, and not harm the marine environment, and commit to establishing laboratories for primary equipment for the export of fish in order to achieve the added value that the government talked about.
2. Work on re-production and export in the oil and gas sector based on a national vision that takes into account local and international changes and achieve the desired benefit from these resources.

Fourth axis:
1. The government must commit to coordinating with the reconstruction project that it is implementing (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Yemen) with regard to the maintenance and rehabilitation of main roads and the immediate start of maintenance and expansion of the Haija Al-Abd road linking Taiz with the governorates of Lahj and Aden, which is the only outlet for Taiz, and the government’s interest in completing the road project The assistant Haijat Al-Abed (Al-Sahi Road – Karba Souq Al-Rabu`) as a main artery for Taiz.
2. Take measures to move the call center from Sana’a to Aden as soon as possible.
3. Government commitment to improving and developing electricity services and combating corruption in this sector:
a. Complete the equipment and needs of the gas station to produce electricity in Aden as soon as possible.
B. Taking control measures and installing meters that show the actual consumption of fuel in electricity production plants, including millions of dollars for the state’s public treasury, provided that this is done within a period not exceeding six months.
c. Work to phase out the purchase of energy (electricity) and provide alternatives, given that these contracts drain millions of dollars of public money to no avail.
Dr.. Re-operating, developing and expanding Aden refineries, and regaining their role in the field of refining, production and import of petroleum derivatives.
e. Preparing a draft law regulating the import of fuel and oil derivatives, breaking the monopoly, and collecting state dues from customs and tax duties in accordance with the law.
And. The government should start constructing and installing a 100-megawatt gas station in Hadhramaut, in implementation of previous presidential directives and recommendations of the House of Representatives in 2019.

Fifth Axis:
1. The government should give basic education the necessary attention and funding to return millions of children to the basic education system and direct part of the international funding towards supporting education at all levels, and the government will quickly disburse students’ dues abroad on time.
2. Suspending the issuance of licenses for international organizations, especially those working in the fields of health and relief in Yemen, until their headquarters are transferred to the temporary capital, Aden.
The government fully supervises the performance and uses of these organizations and transfers their used funds through the central bank in Aden and directs them towards relief and development paths.

Sixth Axis:
1- Improving the standard of living of citizens, controlling exchange rates, commodities and medicines, holding people accountable for manipulators, activating state agencies for monitoring and breaking monopoly.

Seventh Axis:
1- Combating corruption of all kinds, drying up its sources, activating all oversight bodies, and strictly applying regulations and laws.

The government must work to develop a systematic media policy to confront the media of the revolutionaries, which deepens hatred, dismantles the social fabric and targets the Yemeni identity, and provides the required financial and technical capabilities that enable media professionals to carry out their media message to the fullest.

The House of Representatives also suggested that the government adapt its program according to the changes that occurred in the formation of the Presidential Leadership Council and the priorities of its tasks and objectives, as well as absorbing the outputs of the Yemeni-Yemeni consultations that were held in Riyadh during the period from March 29 to April 7, 2022 AD, and the government’s commitment to the constitutional texts and legislation in force and to make an inventory All decisions and appointments issued in violation of the constitution and the law in the state’s civil, military, security agencies and foreign diplomatic missions, and correcting them, according to the constitutional and legal reference, within a period not exceeding three months, and submitting a report thereon to the House of Representatives.

He called on the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President and members of the government to deal seriously in achieving this program and the observations received on it, calling for integrated reports to be submitted to the House in its upcoming sessions..emphasizing that the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Defense would submit reports within three months. to the council.

For his part, Prime Minister Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik expressed his thanks to the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives for this great patriotic work… stressing the government’s commitment to implement all what was stated in the government’s program and the parliament’s proposals… pointing out that the government works in exceptional circumstances and faces multiple challenges and difficulties and works hard To face and solve these difficulties and challenges.

The Prime Minister indicated that he will provide the Council every three months with a report explaining what the government has accomplished and the difficulties facing it.. He praised the interventions and comments of members of the House of Representatives on the draft general program of the government.. Noting that the proposals and observations represent an additional value that would positively affect performance. The government should implement the contents of its general program and develop it in line with current developments.

After the council heard a report from the special committee charged with formulating the substantive observations made by the members during the discussion of the government’s program and the commitment of the prime minister, the council was asked to approve the program and give confidence to the government, and the council voted unanimously by its members to approve the government’s program and give it confidence.

The President of the Council wished the government success in its tasks, and that it would meet the hopes and aspirations of the Yemeni people and achieve its goals.

And regarding the formation of the permanent committees in the Council, the Council assigned the Presidency and the heads of parliamentary blocs to decide on the issue of forming the committees once and for all, and the Council assigned the government to give the city of Aden the first priority and attention to all its needs and to prepare it as the capital of the state with all the necessary services, facilities and needs for its residents and expatriates.


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