Top Stories Parties of Taiz to Griffiths: We will not deal with any initiatives that ignore the issue of governorate

Parties of Taiz to Griffiths: We will not deal with any initiatives that ignore the issue of governorate

The political parties in Taiz governorate sent a letter, today, Saturday, to the demands of the people of the province, to the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith.

The Taiz parties demanded the opening of the crossings and the end of the blockade imposed by the Iranian terrorist Houthi militia for years, and the operation of the port of Mokha..

It also called for the inclusion of Taiz Governorate in humanitarian treatment, before starting any peace talks on Yemen.

In their speech to Griffiths, the Taiz parties stressed that any initiatives and settlements coming from the three internationally approved references should be launched to ensure the success and fairness of the settlement..

As well as ensuring the restoration of the state of Yemenis, ending the state of militias outside the framework of the state and as a condition for ending the war and bringing lasting peace, and political and societal stability in Yemen..

The Taiz parties indicated the results of the expanded meeting and the decisions issued by it in response to the national and humanitarian duty, moral and popular responsibility, to defend the governorate..

And an end to the continuing suffering as a result of the unjust Houthi blockade, in light of the suspicious silence and the apparent appeasement of the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen.

Taiz parties said that they will not deal with any settlement or talks that ignore the issue of Taiz, the continuing violations against the people of the province and the crimes committed by the Iranian terrorist Houthi militia..

And it considered that any disregard for the demands of the people of Taiz Governorate is an identification and encouragement for the Houthi terrorist militia to persist in its crimes against civilians and besiege them, stressing that they are urgent humanitarian demands that must precede any sitting at the table of any negotiation..

It indicated the war crimes committed by the Houthi militia by besieging the population in Taiz, bombing communities, planting mines, preventing water pumping and transporting drinking water to civilians, in a collective punishment crime punishable by international law..

The Taiz parties affirmed that any international disregard for the governorate will be a confirmation that resisting the aggressor militias until complete liberation is a legitimate matter and from which the announcement of the public mobilization was launched, in order to liberate and defend Taiz against the arrogance of the Houthi militia and the suspicious international disregard..


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