Infotech Passbooks, euro funds: optimizing the “zero risk” strategy for its investments

Passbooks, euro funds: optimizing the “zero risk” strategy for its investments

1. Mobilize all the tools of precautionary savings

While it is prudent that it represents the equivalent of three to four months of income, precautionary savings can be a backup solution for the anxious, those who absolutely need this money to live and cannot afford make it possible to lose some… Or to finance a very short-term project.

When the outlook is uncertain, the reflex of a saver is to fill his woolen sock more while waiting for better days. And that is exactly what has been happening since the start of the pandemic. Faced with the impossibility of working and consuming normally, and the fear of losing their job, the French have chosen hypersecurity. As a result, 2020 was an exceptional year for the livret A. Despite its meager remuneration of 0.5%, its collection more than doubled to stand at 26.4 billion euros last year against 12, 64 billion in 2019. According to calculations by the Caisse des Dépôts, this forced savings has “Represented 50 euros per month and per passbook”.

This tendency to “Hyper hoarding” has also spread to all other liquid and risk-free investments, such as the sustainable development and solidarity booklet (LDDS), the youth booklet and the popular savings account (LEP). This year, no change to be expected. The livret A et al should remain “First choice safe havens as long as the epidemic is the master of the clocks”, is

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