Technology “Pastor (almost) easy! A century of germs and vaccination”

“Pastor (almost) easy! A century of germs and vaccination”

Shepherd (almost) easy! A century of germs and vaccinationby Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu, illustrated by Gunther Schulz, is published by Delachaux and Niestlé.

This book is aimed at all curious people from the age of 14. Very precise for enthusiasts, there are diagrams of the experiments carried out by Pasteur, it is also captivating for all, since, as the title indicates, it is Shepherd (almost) easy! He allows you to explore the great discoveries of Louis Pasteur, whose bicentenary is celebrated this year. He will also be honored at the 31st science fair, initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, which will take place throughout France from October 6 to 17.

But let’s come back to our sheep, finally to those of Pasteur precisely, since he also worked on animal diseases, including that of anthrax which affected sheep. If the career of Pasteur began with the study of crystals, then on fermentations, allowing manufacturers to improve the production and conservation of wine and beer, he especially developed the vaccine against rabies.

It is also Pasteur’s rigor and tenacity in his experiments that made it possible to make the existence of microbes evident. For Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu, author of this book and scientist himself, Pasteur represents “The irruption of science in medicine in the 19th century. A medicine that was still completely caught in a yoke of dogmas inherited from Antiquity and the Middle Ages”. And besides, he makes the connection with the current pandemic:

It’s extraordinary because we see that the people who, during the Covid epidemic fought against the vaccine, against medical techniques etc., had their predecessors at the time of Pasteur. And not only were there antivaxes in Pasteur’s time, but the arguments were exactly the same as those that have been made in recent years.

Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu

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Read also, EVOLUTION Darwin, God and the Horsemen , a comic strip by Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu and Alexandre Franc in a co-edition Dargaud-Delachaux & Niestlé. A troupe of actors is putting on a play on Darwin and the theory of evolution, but beware, some with more than dubious beliefs get involved, and everything gets complicated!

"EVOLUTION Darwin, God and the Horsemen"JB de Panafieu and A. Franc (DARGAUD / DELACHAUX AND NIESTLE)

The Extraordinary World of Charles Darwin by Anna Brett and Nick Hayes, Little Urban editions (+ 9 years old). A very beautiful documentary book to discover in large format, and it had to be, the life and work of Charles Darwin who revolutionized the conception of living things with the theory of evolution.

The big book of my planete by Raphaële Botte and Elisa Géhin, Thierry Magnier editions. We continue to learn cheerfully about the living thanks to this colorful documentary book, which is full of information on ecology, gives concrete ideas and recipes for action.

Diving into the universe by Stephen Hawking and Lucy Hawking, PKJ (from 12 years old, due out October 6, 2022). A scientist father who was extremely brilliant, and his daughter, journalist with the insatiable curiosity, offer us an extraordinary plunge into space, time and sciences.

And as always, find lots of other reading ideas on the website of kibookin with the selection of the week. For all ages and for all tastes, no more excuses for not finding your nugget to read!


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