Infotech Pension reform: 1.272 million demonstrators in France on January 31, 2.8 million according to the CGT

Pension reform: 1.272 million demonstrators in France on January 31, 2.8 million according to the CGT

The mobilization against the pension reform was greater this Tuesday, January 31 than January 19, with at least 1.212 million demonstrators in France against 1.12 million twelve days ago, announced the Ministry of the Interior.

In Paris, the mobilization reached 87,000 people against 80,000 on January 19, according to the report of the ministry. The CGT, for its part, mentioned 500,000 demonstrators in the capital.

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According to the same union, 2.8 million people demonstrated Tuesday in the country during this second national day of mobilization, 100,000 more than its count of January 19.

“Anger is rising because we are not listened to”: in Rodez, a record mobilization against the pension reform

In several large cities, such as Montpellier, Nantes, Rennes or Marseille, the participation was also higher than that of January 19, during the first mobilization. According to the figures communicated by the prefectures, they were for example 25,000 in Lyon (against 23,000 on the 19th) or 28,000 in Nantes (against 25,000). In Marseille, some 40,000 people marched, compared to 26,000 on January 19.

Once again, small and medium-sized towns were not lacking in the mobilization, such as Alès (7,000), Angoulême (8,500) or Mende (2,200). Some prefectures, however, recorded a lower number of demonstrators such as Clermont-Ferrand or Orléans (8,500 against 12,000) compared to the 19th.

New strike days are scheduled for February 7 and 11.

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Elisabeth Borne “hears” the questions and doubts

Caught between the determination of the street and the virulence of the opposition in the National Assembly, where the project has been debated since Monday in committee, the government has hardened its tone since this weekend, at the risk of being accused by the left, like Fabien Roussel (PCF), “to fracture hard” the country.

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Elisabeth Borne assured the Macronist deputies on Tuesday that “the majority will be united” on this reform, after having affirmed on Sunday that the decline in age was not “more negotiable”, even if measures in favor of women, who are more affected than men, are envisaged. On Tuesday evening, she conceded on Twitter that: “The pension reform raises questions and doubts. We hear them. The parliamentary debate opens. It will allow, in transparency, to enrich our project with a goal: to ensure the future of our pay-as-you-go system. It is our responsibility! »

Withdrawn on this file, Emmanuel Macron, who partly plays his five-year term on this reform, judged it on Monday ” essential “.

“Mr Macron is certain to lose”assured Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) in Marseille, believing that France was “living a historic day”.

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